How To Become A Reuseabox Ambassador!

30 August 2022By ellie Reuseabox

How To Become A Reuseabox Ambassador!

At Reuseabox we’re always looking to join forces with like-minded companies or organisations. We introduced the Reuseabox Ambassador initiative to help us do just that. Whether you’re a charity, a non profit, or a business that puts people and planet first, we want to hear from you! Keep reading to find out why you should become a Reuseabox Ambassador and how to apply.


Our Mission

We’re on a mission to create a better world with less waste by making it easy for companies to reuse cardboard boxes. Diverting cardboard boxes to reuse is the easiest way for companies to work towards Net Zero Carbon. We plan to both save and plant a million trees through our 2 Million Tree Challenge.

Used boxes at Reuseabox 

Why Become A Reuseabox Ambassador

As a Reuseabox Ambassador you will help raise awareness of cardboard box reuse. This is a unique opportunity to network with like-minded businesses and gain environmental expertise for your business. Get help with your sustainability strategy and learn how to avoid common pitfalls such as greenwashing.


What You Get

1. Become more planet conscious

As an ambassador you’ll learn more about the environmental benefits of cardboard reuse and why we should reuse before we recycle.

2. Receive a free reuse pack

Your reuse pack contains a variety of graphics, facts, stats and images. Use these for your own content but please remember to give us a shout out!

3. Get your badge of achievement!

Showcase your achievements by adding your badge to your website, email footer or your own publications.

5. Benefit from recognition on our website

Your logo will be added to our website along with our other Reuse Ambassadors. We’ll provide a backlink to your site as well as free promotion through guest blogs and across our social media channels.

Reuse ambassador badge

How It Works

The Reuseabox Ambassador Initiative is open to all organisations who work with Reuseabox. Whether you Buy Once Used Boxes from us, or you’re a Supplier of Used Boxes, pallets or sheets, our ambassadors are passionate about implementing reuse on an industrial scale!

Not currently working with us? No problem! We’re also happy to recruit ambassadors who are planning to work with Reuseabox in the future.

Follow the 3 steps to become a Reuse Ambassador!

1. Apply

Email or Apply Online.

2. Verify

We’ll check you’re a customer or supplier of Reuseabox.

3. Promote

Help spread the word about cardboard reuse. We’ll send you a starter pack and achievement badge to get you started.

Reuseabox Ambassador Process

Find Out More About Our Reuse Ambassadors

James Gray, Founder of Barista & Co Coffee discusses how they put their beliefs about sustainability into action…

“As a brand we believe in Coffee Doing It Right. By doing right by our planet and people we want to bring about positive change. Coffee Doing It Right is our project to achieve this. Our ethos is simple, we believe we should leave our planet in a better state than we found it. Not only is sustainability important to our brand but it is also important to everyone within our business and we are all asked to challenge our personal and business actions to continuously improve and enhance our surroundings.”

Zoe Strassen, Founder of The Natural Spa Company talks about how her company has embraced cardboard box reuse…

“Since day one we have been reusing cardboard boxes, our founder’s ( Zoe ) family also runs a business, this created waste boxes so it just seemed natural to reuse them. Since then we work with lots of local businesses to take their boxes off their hands and now with Reuseabox to ensure the demand for boxes we need is met.”

The Natural Spa Cosmetics


Become a Reuseabox Ambassador today and take the first steps towards building a more sustainable future for your organisation. Learn best practice as you network with like-minded organisations. Your online reuse pack provides a whole range of graphics, facts, videos and images to help you spread the word about cardboard reuse. We’ll also promote your organisation by adding you to the Ambassador Page on the Reuseabox website. We’ll promote your content on our social media channels and guest blogs. There’s never been a better time to join our Reuse Revolution!

Apply Online or email for more information.


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