Cardboard Layer Pads


Our range of pallet size cardboard layer pads is exceptional value for money. Also known as sheets or dividers, they are commonly used to separate layers of product on a pallet. The corrugated sheets create a level surface for each new layer of product. They act to both protect and stabilise the load.

Choose From Single Or Double Wall

Reuseabox stock single wall and double wall corrugated cardboard sheets. Single wall sheets have one layer of fluting while double wall sheets have two layers of fluting sandwiched between linerboard. The extra layer of fluting makes double wall sheets considerably stronger. We recommend opting for double wall cardboard sheets if you are packing heavier or more fragile products. Choose from brand new or once used sheets or dividers.

Save Money When You Choose To Reuse

If you’re looking for low cost cardboard layer pads, our once used range is hard to beat. Get the same great quality layer pads at a fraction of the price of new sheets. Our once used sheets are perfect for using as pallet size layer pads or as simple slip sheets between the product and pallet. You may notice slight imprints on the sheets from their previous use, but they are still in a good reusable condition. These layer pads are ideal for packing pallet quantities of tins or bottles. They are also popular within the dairy industry.

Reuseabox also stock large cardboard sheets designed to slightly over-hang the pallet. These once used sheets are great for giving extra protection to your products during shipping. Due to the over-hang, the sides of the product are buffered from any external knocks or bumps. Our large cardboard sheets can also be used as low cost void fill when shredded or can be wrapped around products to offer some extra protection during shipping. They can be easily cut down to size if you need smaller sheets.

Better For The Planet

Once used cardboard sheets are also much better for the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint and help save trees when you choose to reuse. We also plant a tree each time you place an order, so you’re helping to reforest the Earth. Find out more about the environmental benefits of reusable packaging on our Sustainability page.

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