How It Works

how our reuse model works

Here at Reuseabox, we help companies reduce their impact on the environment by making it easy for them to reuse cardboard boxes with our Reuse Model.

Using circular economy principles, we divert used cardboard boxes away from traditional recycling and place them back into the supply chain for a second use. By keeping cardboard in use for longer you can help us save trees, water, carbon and energy!

we collect your used boxes

we sell USED boxes

we collect USED boxes


Traditionally cardboard boxes are manufactured, used once and then recycled back into more cardboard boxes.

Recycling will always be necessary for boxes that can no longer be used. Recycling is a sensible way of reprocessing unwanted packaging and prevents huge volumes going to landfill. But does all packaging need to be recycled?

Reuseabox divert cardboard from recycling as part of the sustainable Reuse Model
The Reuseabox cardboard reuse model is more sustainable than recycling

The Problem With Recycling

The process of recycling cardboard requires vast amounts of energy and water and produces large volumes of CO2 emissions.

Cardboard cannot be recycled infinitely. Each time it is recycled, the fibres are stretched which affects the quality. Most new board is manufactured with a proportion of new pulp resulting in the destruction of even more trees. 

the solution is reuse

By diverting Used Cardboard Boxes away from the recycling process, we delay this environmentally damaging process.

We collect used cardboard boxes for free from companies who would otherwise have disposed of them.

Do you use large quantities of cardboard boxes that you are baling and recycling? It could be beneficial for you to send them to reuse instead!

Cardboard box supplier

we SELL USED boxes

quality inspection

After we have collected the used cardboard boxes, our warehouse team sorts and inspects them.

We check that all of our used boxes are still in a great condition. They must pass a quality check before we sell them, ensuring they are strong, durable and dry.

Once they are quality checked, we then sell these on to companies who would originally have bought brand new ones.

quality check
sustainable packaging option

the sustainable packaging option

By choosing to buy your boxes from Reuseabox, you make a conscious decision to choose packaging that supports a more Circular Economy.

By prolonging the life of cardboard boxes, we keep cardboard in use for longer, reduce waste and protect our natural resources.

If you are looking for a more sustainable packaging option, check out our range of boxes using the button below. If you are looking for boxes of a specific size, Get in Touch with our sales team and they will find the perfect boxes for you!

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