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Cardboard Removals Boxes

Reuseabox are specialist suppliers of cardboard removals boxes to the removal trade. We stock a range of heavy duty packing boxes ideal for packing all kinds of household or office products. We can also supply moving boxes to individuals. Our range of heavy duty cardboard boxes are ideal for packing just about anything from homeware and clothes to electronics and toys.

Box Design

Most of our new and used removals boxes have the standard 0201 design with four flaps on the top and bottom. We can also supply boxes with hand holes for ease of lifting and carrying. We stock a range of sizes appropriate for packing different items. Choose from book boxes and storage boxes or select large packing boxes for general homeware items.

One Used Removals Boxes

Try our once used removals boxes if you are looking to save money. These high quality cardboard boxes are made from a high grade B or C flute. Despite being used, they are strong enough to be reused multiple times. This makes buying used both efficient and cost effective.

Heavy Duty Board Grade

Our removals boxes are selected for their heavy duty board grade. They are strong enough to protect your possessions against any knocks and bumps during transportation and can be double or even triple stacked. Most are double wall in strength but we also stock some heavy duty single wall boxes.

Double wall cardboard boxes have two layers of corrugated cardboard between a layer of linerboard. This gives them extra rigidity which makes them ideal for using as moving boxes, particularly for heavier items. Depending on the board grade, some single wall boxes can be surprisingly strong. Their strength depends on the fluting. The taller flutes such as the C flute provide a good level of cushioning. All our recommended removals boxes offer adequate protection during the packing and moving process.

We recommend using void fill to wrap around more fragile items and prevent too much movement occurring. Use Bubble Wrap or shredded cardboard for an eco-friendly version. Use Packing Tape to ensure your boxes are properly sealed.

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