Garment Covers On A Roll


Garment covers, also known as garment bags or clothing bags, are protective coverings made from plastic or other durable materials. They are designed to protect clothing items from dust, dirt, moisture, and damage during transportation, storage, or display.

Who can benefit from using garment covers?

We recommend these garment covers to a variety of organisations including dry cleaners, dressmakers, fashion retailers or manufacturers, and removal companies.

Why are we selling plastic garment covers?

This is a unique opportunity to acquire new garment covers at half the cost of buying brand new. Rather than ending up in the waste stream and being produced for no reason, we have rescued them from one of our suppliers. This means they still have a chance of being used.

Why should you order from Reuseabox?

Choosing Reuseabox for your packaging needs means making a difference to people and the planetOur glowing 5-star reviews from hundreds of businesses speak for themselves. Not only do they love the quality of our products and customer service, but they also appreciate that we are helping them reduce their environmental impact.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just words; as a certified B Corp. We actively engage in initiatives that benefit the environment and society as a whole. Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, a portion of your order goes directly towards funding reforestation projects. This contributes to the restoration and preservation of vital ecosystems.

By choosing Reuseabox, you are not just purchasing packaging materials – you are supporting a business that is on a mission to create positive change and make a tangible difference in the world.

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