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Sell Cardboard Boxes For Reuse

Most manufacturers generate large volumes of used cardboard boxes, considered to be ‘waste’.

Traditionally this is baled and recycled. But there is an alternative, you can sell your cardboard boxes. Reuseabox can collect your used boxes unprocessed, and divert them for a second use as packing boxes.

By reusing instead of recycling your boxes you can:

  • Reduce your waste processing costs.
  • Reduce your environmental impact.
  • Increase revenue from your waste.
Sell cardboard boxes

The Reuse Process

A simple three step process for selling your used boxes, we provide full training and specialist equipment.

palletise stack collect


Boxes are palletised at point of un-pack on the production line.

Palletise stack collect


Operative stacks used boxes on a pallet.

palletise stack collect


Reuseabox collects pallets for free and diverts used boxes back into the supply chain.

The Benefits Of Selling Cardboard Boxes

By creating a Reuseabox Model and selling your cardboard boxes for reuse, you can achieve…

Reduce your waste and labour costs by palletising

Save money

See a reduction in waste processing costs and improve the ROI from your waste stream.

Eco Reuseabox

Environmental benefits

Reduce the environmental impact of your waste cardboard and scope 3. We also give you Reuse Impact Reports detailing the environmental savings made.

Operational efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Many suppliers experience an improvement to efficiency when palletising boxes for reuse compared to the baling process.

Sell cardboard boxes

Find Out How We Helped This Company

Global manufacturer of architectural coatings, PPG Industries, discovered they could sell the majority of their unwanted cardboard.

Reuseabox helped them to streamline their waste processes and create a more efficient, profitable outlet for their waste cardboard.

Implementing a Reuse Model for their waste cardboard also produced huge environmental benefits. As a direct result the team also received an Environmental Award.

Sell Cardboard Boxes

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