Cardboard Pallet Boxes


Reuseabox has an extensive range of new and used cardboard pallet boxes for you to choose from. If you are looking for low cost pallet boxes, try our once used range. Switching to used boxes is an easy way to save money and avoid long lead times. All our new and used pallet boxes are available on long term regular supply. You can order when you run out and have your boxes delivered the following day.

Cardboard pallet boxes are designed for shipping heavy products on a pallet. Their shape means they can offer stability and protection for products while maximising shipping space on containers or vehicles. Many heavy duty pallet boxes can be double or even triple stacked. The size you need will depend on whether you are using standard or euro pallets for shipping. Standard pallet boxes measure 1200 x 1000mm in length and width while Euro pallet boxes measure 1200 x 800mm. Reuseabox supply both sizes. Our pallet boxes arrive flat pack on a wooden pallet. If you need pallets for shipping, we can also supply these. All our pallet boxes are double wall in strength. We also have a range of triple wall pallet boxes that are supplied with an inner sleeve and stapled to a wooden euro pallet. These boxes are ideal for offering extra protection to more fragile products. They can be easily collapsed onto the pallet for storage when not in use. If you are looking for extra heavy duty export boxes, check out our range of once used octabins.

Our half cardboard pallet boxes are designed to fit two boxes per standard pallet. We also supply pallet box lids separately. These can be used to stack layers of product on a pallet, creating a more efficient, low cost packing solution that uses less cardboard.

Reuseabox supply cardboard pallet boxes in a variety of designs. It is important to select the correct design for the product you are shipping. 0201 boxes have four flaps on the bottom and four flaps on the top. They are ideal for packing large bulky products such as textiles. 0200 boxes have four flaps on the bottom and are open top. They can be supplied with a separate lid. This is a common design that is easy to construct. Some of our used pallet boxes have a loading flap to enable you to pack and unpack heavy items easily. This can easily be secured with pallet strapping during shipping. If you are shipping large quantities of small items, opt for cap and sleeve pallet boxes. With this box you can pack the products onto the base and slot the outer sleeve around the outside. The lid is then placed on top. For more information on the different varieties and uses of cardboard pallet boxes, check out our Pallet Box Blog.

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