Cardboard Octabins


Cardboard Octabins

Cardboard Octabins are a great choice if you’re looking for a heavy duty shipping box. These strong cardboard boxes are designed to fit on a standard wooden pallet to be shipped via road, air or sea.

Our Used Octabins

Once used cardboard boxes are a sustainable, low-cost choice for your company. By stocking used cardboard octabins, we’re able to offer these high quality boxes at discounted prices.

Some of our octabins are in a like-new condition, while others contain a little wear and tear.  The Reuseabox Team can advise you on the best octabin for your requirements. These extremely popular shipping boxes do not stay in stock for long. We advise ordering in advance wherever possible. Alternatively, we have a couple of new Octabins available if we’re out of stock of our used range.

A strong choice

These extra large cardboard boxes are designed to hold extremely heavy products. Some can safely carry up to 1 tonne in weight. Due to their octagonal shape, they are stronger than standard pallet boxes and are less likely to buckle under extreme force.

We recommend

Octabins are ideal for shipping large, bulky items such as e-waste or liquid bags. Large volumes of smaller products such as farm produce or plastic mouldings fit nicely into the sides of these boxes.

Assembling you Octabins

We deliver cardboard octabins flat pack on a wooden pallet. To assemble simply unfold each box and place on a wooden pallet. When packed use pallet strapping to secure the box to the pallet. We can supply quality Pallet Strapping and other packing materials.

Types of Octabin

Choose from open top or enclosed cardboard octabins. Many of these large cardboard boxes are supplied with a separate lid. Some have a crash lock base for extra strength and stability. One of the advantages to opting for these shipping boxes is their ability to be reused multiple times. Many balers struggle with compacting a once used octabin so it is easier and cheaper to keep reusing them as much as possible. They make great waste or picking bins if reused internally.

Find out how Reuseabox can help you Reuse Cardboard Boxes.

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