Shipping Boxes


When transporting products from A to B you need a box capable of protecting your products and preventing damages from occurring. Our heavy duty shipping boxes are perfect for protecting the most fragile of items during shipping. All of our recommended shipping boxes are made from a high quality board grade. These boxes have a high crush strength, making them robust and durable. Most are double wall cardboard boxes but we have also included some heavy duty single wall boxes.

Looking for low cost packaging? Our range of once used shipping boxes is ideal for customers wanting to reduce their packaging spend. These boxes have been used before and could have some labels or packing tape from their previous use. Some may have been printed. Regardless of their appearance these boxes have been quality checked by our warehouse team and are ready for their second use. Due to their strength and quality, these boxes are ideal for reusing as low cost shipping boxes. Choosing to reuse is a great way to get high quality shipping boxes at incredibly low prices. Our once used shipping boxes are sourced from large scale manufacturers which means we have a long term regular supply of these boxes. This means when you come to reorder you can be assured of getting the same once used box at the same low price.

If you need boxes for exporting, we have a range of heavy duty export boxes suitable for shipping products on wooden pallets. Some of these boxes are stapled to the pallet and arrive flat pack. Others can be supplied with separate wooden pallets and secured with Pallet Strapping.

Ecommerce companies will need a reliable supply of packaging for shipping products out to their customers. When selecting a shipping box consider the method of shipping as well as the product you are packing. If you are shipping products via a carrier, you will need a heavy duty shipping box as your boxes are more likely to suffer from knocks and bumps. If you are shipping boxes on pallets you may not need the same level of protection as the boxes will be kept in position by the pallet.

Whatever your requirement, we have a variety of shipping boxes to suit your needs. If you need any help selecting the right box, Contact Us and a member of the team will be happy to help.

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