Used Cardboard Boxes


Stop wasting your money on newly manufactured cardboard boxes. Instead, try our used cardboard boxes. These are great for protecting your products and above all, they are a fraction of the price you usually pay.

Our range of used boxes

Most of our used stock is double wall or strong single wall in strength. Browse our range of used boxes or refine your search by typing your size requirements into the search bar at the top of the page.

Are you looking for strong cardboard boxes for export? If so check out our once Used Pallet Boxes and Octabins. Despite being used, these boxes are extremely strong and durable. Many of our used cardboard boxes are in a like new condition. Those that have been glued or stapled are particularly sturdy and could be used three or four times. Find out more about Pallet Box Reuse.

What to expect with Used Boxes

Our used boxes are sorted carefully by our warehouse team. Some of our used boxes contain a few labels or tape from their previous use. Others have been printed. Regardless of their appearance every box you receive will be clean, dry, and perfectly reusable. We have a range of heavy duty used boxes that are ideal for Removals companies. These boxes are strong enough to be reused multiple times, saving you time and money. Our range includes book boxes, storage boxes and large packing boxes.

Select the right used box for you

To select the right,  box for your requirements, you certainly need to consider the type of product you are sending out and the method of shipping. For e-commerce companies, choose a strong heavy duty cardboard box to protect your products from any knocks and bumps during transit.

It is also a good idea to find a box that fits the size of your product as much as possible. If there is a lot of space in the box, the product is more likely to get damaged, resulting in costly returns. Fill any small spaces with void fill for extra protection. Shredded cardboard makes an excellent eco-friendly void fill. It is also cheap and easy to make with our Used Cardboard Sheets.

Why Choose To Reuse?

Used boxes are much better for the planet. As long as we keep reusing boxes, demand for new boxes will be reduced and our natural resources are preserved. Not only that, but we also plant trees to help combat deforestation. Every time you place an order for used cardboard boxes, at least 1% of our revenue goes to reforestation projects.

As well as this, our unique Carbon Footprint Tool allows us to work out how much carbon, water and energy our customers have saved by choosing to reuse. It even tells us how many trees have been saved by reducing the demand for new board. To find out more about the Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool, check out Reuseabox Sustainability.

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