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Frequently Asked Questions

Are used cardboard boxes any good?

Yes! Contrary to popular belief, the humble cardboard box is strong enough to be used a number of times before it is ready to be recycled. Our used cardboard boxes go through a strict inspection process before they are sorted, re-packed and made available for re-sale. All used cardboard boxes that we sell are clean, dry and perfectly reusable. Those that do not make the grade are recycled locally.

Do you do next day delivery?

Yes. If you place your order before 2pm, we can deliver your item the next day to most areas of the UK. We also offer AM and timed delivery slots on request. Learn more about the Reuseabox delivery options.

How are used cardboard boxes good for the environment?

By reusing cardboard boxes you are cutting out a long chain of harmful processes caused by the manufacturing and recycling processes. Whilst cardboard boxes are tough enough to be reused a number of times, we think it’s crazy that most are used only once! We’re super proud that for every tonne of cardboard boxes that are reused, around 5 trees are saved. So join our Reuse Revolution and choose to pack your products in truly sustainable packaging that supports a circular economy.

How can I save money on my packaging?

If you’re looking to cut costs, our used cardboard boxes offer a cost effective way of packaging your products. We also supply brand new cardboard boxes that are surplus to original requirements. These include factory overruns or misprints. Purchasing used or new surplus boxes could save you up to 50% off your packaging costs when compared to a manufacturer. Even better, there are no lead times as we hold large volumes of our entire range in stock.

What does 0201 mean?

This code refers to the design of the box. A 0201 box has 4 flaps on the bottom and 4 flaps on the top; the design that typically comes to mind when you picture a box.

For comparison, the 0200 box has 4 flaps on the bottom and is open on top, supplied with a separate lid. Shop new and used cardboard boxes.

Which is stronger, a pallet box or an octabin?

This depends on the board grade and the fluting. Generally Octabins are renowned for their strength and rigidity due to their octagonal shape which can withstand extreme pressures. Unlike a 4 sided pallet box, they are less likely to buckle when extreme forces are applied.

Will I be able to re-order the same used cardboard boxes?

Yes! We have long term supply contracts with some of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors. This means we are able to source long term supplies of a large range of used cardboard boxes.

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