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We’re here to help companies reduce their impact on the environment by making it easy to reuse cardboard boxes with our Reuse Model.


Using circular economy principles, we divert used cardboard boxes away from traditional recycling and place them back into the supply chain for a second use.

Traditionally cardboard boxes are manufactured, used once and then recycled back into more cardboard boxes.

Recycling will always be necessary for boxes that can no longer be used. Recycling is a sensible way of reprocessing unwanted packaging and prevents huge volumes going to landfill. But does all packaging need to be recycled?

Reuseabox divert cardboard from recycling as part of the sustainable Reuse Model
The Reuseabox cardboard reuse model is more sustainable than recycling

The Problem With Recycling

The process of recycling cardboard requires vast amounts of energy and water and produces large volumes of CO2 emissions.

Cardboard cannot be re-processed with 100% recycled content. This means a proportion of new paper will still be needed, resulting in the destruction of even more trees.

The Reuseabox Reuse Model

By diverting Used Cardboard Boxes away from the recycling process, we delay this environmentally damaging process.

When you choose Reuseabox, you make a conscious decision to choose packaging that supports a more Circular Economy. By prolonging the life of cardboard boxes, we keep cardboard in use for longer, reduce waste and protect our natural resources.

The Reuseabox Reuse Model. Cardboard reuse model.
Cardboard reuse reduces environmental impact

The Science

We wanted to find out exactly how cardboard box reuse compares to recycling in its environmental impact.

With the support of the Greater Lincolnshire Productivity Programme, we worked with independent environmental consultants and Dr Lan Qie from Lincoln University. The team studied the environmental impact of reuse over recycling and came back with some impressive statistics!

Our Unique Carbon Footprint Tool

Our research enabled us to create the first ever carbon footprint tool that compares reuse to recycling or buying new cardboard boxes.

This means you can find out exactly how much carbon you have saved by choosing to Reuseabox, along with lots of other interesting data.

For existing customers, Contact Reuseabox Today for your FREE Carbon Footprint Report and find out exactly how you have helped the environment by choosing to reuse.

Unique carbon footprint tool available

Reusing 1 Tonne of Cardboard Boxes SAVES


Tonnes OF Co2


Litres OF Water

The principles of the circular economy will enable us to help tackle the global waste crisis, one box at a time.

We’re proud of the work we’ve achieved but we know we have a long way to go to achieve a world with no waste. Join our Reuse Revolution today and help reduce the global demand for new cardboard boxes.

Place an order, Plant a tree

Planting trees is one of the best ways to reduce global carbon emissions and protect our planet for future generations. Each time you place an order for Cardboard Boxes, we plant a tree on your behalf as part of our Reuse Model. 

Trees are planted in areas of the world that need them the most. Many of the projects focus on rebuilding forests after natural disasters and deforestation. Projects also support a wide range of biodiversity. We plant trees through a partnership with One Tree Planted. We also plan to start planting trees through other initiatives.

Check out our #2MillionTreeChallenge and find out how you can take part.

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