New Cardboard Octabins

For a robust and reliable shipping solution, consider our heavy duty Cardboard Octabins. Designed to fit perfectly on standard wooden pallets, these durable boxes are suitable for transporting goods via road, air, or sea.

Shallow Octabins


    SKU: 669284

    Size: 1200 x 1000 x 1000mm

    Capacity: Suitable for shipping up to 1000kg of plastic granules.

    Board grade: 740CA

    Quantity: 56 per pallet


Prices from £21.96

per unit


Tall Octabins

: 715079
   Size: 1200 x 1000 x 1500mm
   Capacity: Suitable for shipping up to 1000kg of plastic granules.
   Board grade: 740CA
   Quantity: 56 per pallet

Prices from £29.10

per unit


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Exceptional strength and durability

Our large cardboard octabins are built to handle exceptionally heavy loads, with our tall and shallow octabins being capable of supporting up to 1 tonne. The unique octagonal shape provides superior strength compared to traditional pallet boxes, minimising the risk of buckling under heavy weight.

Ideal shipping containers

Octabins are perfect for shipping large, bulky items such as e-waste or liquid containers. They are also well-suited for transporting smaller items in large quantities, like agricultural products or plastic mouldings, which can fit securely within the box.

Easy to assemble

We deliver our cardboard octabins flat-packed on wooden pallets for your convenience. Assembling them is simple – all you need to do is unfold the box and place it on a pallet, then use pallet strapping to secure it. We also supply high-quality pallet strapping and other essential packing materials.

Prefer to reuse?

We also stock various used Octabins that are in like-new condition. However, these extremely popular shipping boxes do not stay in stock for long, so we would suggest ordering in advance wherever possible.

Ensure your products are shipped securely and efficiently by ordering your Octabins from Reuseabox today.

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