Heavy Duty Triple Wall Octabins / Pallet Boxes

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Buy 2+ full pallets at just £8.72 each!

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Buy 4+ full pallets at just £8.03 each!

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    Get Heavy duty triple wall octabins

    Extra strong and durable

    • These heavy duty triple wall octabins are made from a high quality reinforced triple wall board.
    • Their stitched side seam makes them ideal for transporting high capacity, bulky products.
    • In a used yet reusable condition, these boxes are likely to be dusty but are still perfect for protecting a range of products.
    • Supporting corner feet enable this box to be double stacked.
    • Capacity of 1200kg.

    Low Cost

    • A great opportunity to get quality used boxes at a fraction of their original price.

    Better for the planet

    • When you choose to reuse you're helping to save trees, carbon, energy and water. Find out more about Cardboard Reuse.

    Key Features

    • Condition: Used
    • Strength: Triple Wall
    • Print Type: Plain

    Unit Price

    Full Pallet - 66 boxes - £9.07/box

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Why should I buy used cardboard boxes?

    A. Used boxes are a great opportunity to save time and money. They're also much better for the planet.

    Other Customers use these heavy duty triple wall octabins for

    • Recycling
    • Picking bins
    • E-waste