heavy duty boxes


New and used heavy duty boxes

Shipping fragile items? You’ll find a vast selection of heavy duty cardboard boxes here at Reuseabox to suit your needs.

When shipping or transporting goods that need extra protection or heavy, you need something strong and sturdy. That’s why we stock a wide range of new and used heavy duty boxes.

We are trusted by thousands of e-commerce and industrial businesses across the UK. Why? Because we ensure that your goods are shipped safely to your customers every single time. We also save you money and minimise your carbon footprint.

Not sure what you need or what size is right? Our team of reuse experts are on hand to help.

As your dedicated supplier of cardboard boxes, we can ensure that all your packaging, storage and shipping needs are fulfilled. Whatever you need to ship or store, we guarantee to source the right packaging supplies for you.

Save money. Save the environment

When you join Reuseabox, you’re actively choosing the most environmentally friendly way to pack your products.

As proud members of 1% for the Planet, at least 1% of the sales of your order goes to environmental charities. We are also a B Corp Certified organisation which means we look after our employees, our communities and our planet so we can look after you.

Even better, by supplying once used cardboard boxes, we can even save you up to 50% compared to buying newly manufactured boxes.

By offering a wide selection of used and new single wall, double wall and triple wall boxes as well as pallet boxes, we have become the preferred supplier for companies looking to reduce their costs and their environmental impact.

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