Euro Pallet Box Lids New Heavy Duty Double Wall

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    get Euro Pallet Box Lids for your boxes here!

    Brand new condition

    • These Euro pallet box lids are designed to fit on a Euro wooden pallet box.
    • Brand new double wall cardboard trays.
    • Made from a strong double wall board.
    • These make ideal lids for euro pallet boxes! Check out some of our popular euro pallet boxes: EXAZ81, AZ25C, 45807
    • They can also be used as divider trays, i.e for shipping bottles and tins on pallets.

    Strong and heavy duty

    • Their quality double wall fluting makes them strong and durable. They fold into place easily without the need for additional tape.
    • A great, multi-purpose product!

    Fast Eco Delivery

    • Buy now and get eco delivery to most areas of the UK.
    • All our boxes come with zero lead times! Choose to reuse to save yourself time and money.

    The planet friendly option

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    • We plant trees for every order placed with us!

    Key Features

    • Condition: New
    • Strength: Double Wall
    • Print Type: Plain

    Unit Price

    Quarter Pallet - 70 lids - £2.99/lid

    Full Pallet - 360 lids - £2.08/lid

    Frequently asked questions

    Q. How can I stack my products on a pallet using pallet trays?

    A. Pallet trays make a strong and sturdy alternative to layer pads when dividing products on a pallet. Place one lid on a pallet and place your products inside. Place a lid on top and fill with products. Continue until the pallet is fully loaded. The sides of the trays provide extra protection and stability to the load.

    Q. What's the difference between standard and euro pallet boxes?

    A. Standard pallet boxes are designed to fit on a standard pallet, measuring 1200 x 1000mm. Euro pallet boxes are designed to fit on a euro pallet, measuring 1200 x 800mm. Ensure you source the correct lids and pallets for your pallet boxes.

    Can I order these pallet box lids on repeat?

    A. Yes! We carry a large stock holding of these pallet box lids. Let us know if you'd like these on a regular supply.

    Q. How do I put together a pallet box lid?

    A. Pallet box lids / pallet trays are delivered flatpack on a wooden pallet. To construct simply fold the edges along the crease lines and slot into place. For extra security you may want to use some Adhesive Tape to ensure the edges stay in place.

    We recommend these Euro Pallet Box Lids for:

    • Pallet Box Lids.
    • Alternatively, heavy duty pallet box lids can be used as pallet trays or pallet dividers, protecting layers of products on a pallet. Simply place on a pallet and stack your products inside. Then add another pallet box lid on top and repeat. Keep adding layers until the pallet is fully loaded. The load can be secured to the pallet with pallet straps.