Eco-Friendly Packaging That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

5 October 2022By ellie Reuseabox

Eco-Friendly Packaging That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

According to a survey by Trivium Packaging, 86% of younger consumers would pay more for sustainable packaging, while 57% of consumers are ‘less likely’ to buy products in harmful packaging. This suggests that ethical or eco-friendly packaging is more expensive and the cost is passed on to the customer. With eco-friendly packaging seen as ‘premium’ it is often the first thing to go when businesses are trying to cut costs. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way to get eco-friendly packaging for your business that will actually save you money. Keep reading to find out how…


Save up to 50% on eco-friendly packaging

Did you know you can buy Once Used Packaging that’s both low cost and significantly better for the environment. A used box will always cost less than a new one. In fact, many of our customers report saving up to 50% when they switch to used boxes. ‘Used’ or ‘second hand’ products are often considered to be inferior in quality. But with boxes, this isn’t the case. At Reuseabox we’re on a mission to disrupt the packaging industry and prove that cardboard boxes are not single use items. Some of our boxes might contain a label or some tape from their previous use, some may be printed, but they will all be clean, dry and perfectly reusable. See if you can spot the difference between one of our once used pallet boxes and a brand new one:


pallet boxes

Try our New Surplus Boxes

Did you know we also sell Brand New Boxes? These boxes are often rejected due to misprints or changes in production lines, meaning they’ve been sent for recycling without even being used once! This is such a huge waste of resources that we had to step in and do something about it! Instead of going straight to recycling, these boxes are rescued by Reuseabox and made available as low cost, new surplus packing boxes.


Don’t waste money on printing bespoke boxes

Used boxes don’t have to be boring! We love the way Fill Refill have personalised our used boxes with their own logo and slogan using a simple stencil and some spray paint. We can also provide printed paper tape; an eco-friendly way of adding some branding to your boxes.


eco-friendly packaging

Credit: Fill Refill

Why It’s Better For The Planet To Reuse

Choosing to reuse is undoubtedly the most eco-friendly packaging you can select for your products. When you keep a product in use for longer, you’re delaying the recycling process and reducing the demand for new cardboard. Our Reuse Model works on Circular Economy principles to design out waste and protect our natural resources through the sharing economy.

Working with environmental consultants and academics at Lincoln University, we developed the first of its kind Carbon Footprint Tool that compares the environmental benefits of reuse over recycling. Check out the stats when you reuse just 1 tonne of medium sized cardboard boxes:


cardboard reuse stats

Get Free Environmental Reports to Track & Measure Your Savings

Reuseabox can provide quarterly Environmental Reports so you can track and measure the number of cardboard boxes you reuse as well as the savings you have achieved. We even provide some helpful equivalencies to enable you to visualise your achievements!


How It Works

We’re often asked how we’re able to provide so many businesses with such huge quantities of used boxes. We collect used boxes from businesses who are producing them in large volumes. We take these boxes back to Reuseabox HQ where they are quality checked, sorted and re-packed. Then we send these boxes back out to be reused by companies just like yours. A box that was once used to ship bottle tops into a factory, can be reused to ship gardening products to customers.

The Reuseabox Model enables us to help large businesses divert their used boxes away from recycling and back into the supply chain for a second use. Find out how we helped Yeo Valley divert their boxes to reuse:

Help Us Plant 1 Million Trees

We’ve recently pledged to plant 1 Million Trees! Every time you place an order for used boxes, you’re not just helping to save trees, you’re also helping to plant new ones. We see planting trees as our way of giving back to the Earth for the resources we use as a business. We also know that planting trees is one of the easiest and most effective ways of tackling climate change. Find out more about Our Pledge.



Eco-friendly packaging is better for the planet and can save you up to 50% on your packaging spend when you opt for Reuseabox once Used Cardboard Boxes. Using our unique carbon footprint tool, we can provide quarterly reports detailing your environmental savings. Contact Us to find out more or check out our Entire Range.


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