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2 Million Tree Challenge

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The Reuseabox 2 Million Tree Challenge

We have been helping the planet with our Cardboard Box Reuse Model for over 7 years. But we’ve decided now is the time to step up our environmental work.

Our 2 Million Tree Challenge will help us do just that. With your help we’re aiming to both save a million trees and plant a million trees.

Reuseabox Two Million Tree Challenge

Save 1 Million Trees

We want to save 1 million trees by helping companies to Reuse Cardboard Boxes.

Thanks to our unique Carbon Footprint Tool, we can calculate the exact number of trees saved by choosing to reuse a specific type and quantity of cardboard box. We can also tell you a whole range of other environmental benefits.

When you reuse 1 tonne (around 6.5 pallets of medium sized boxes) you save:


1 tonne of cardboard saves 0.5 tonnes of CO2

Tonnes of CO2

1 Tonne of Cardboard Boxes saves 4,386 KWH of energy

KWH Of Energy

1 Tonne of Cardboard boxes saves 21,578 litres of water

Litres OF Water

Plant 1 Million Trees

Planting trees is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways we can tackle climate change.

For every order placed for our new or used cardboard boxes, we plant a tree on your behalf. Soon you will also have the option to donate to our tree planting efforts at the checkout.

Why We Plant Trees

One Tree Planted. Two Million Tree Challenge improves soil health

Soil Health

Trees enrich soil. Their roots remove pollutants, slowing down water absorption into the soil and reducing the risk of flooding.

Reuseabox Two Million Tree Challenge restores habitats


Planting trees helps to rebuild the habitats of critically endangered species like Orangutans.

One Tree Planted. Two Million Tree Challenge promotes reforestation


Deforestation reduces a forests ability to absorb CO2. Re-planting helps restore and increase the carbon sequestration potential, mitigating the effects of climate change.

One Tree Planted. Two Million Tree Challenge improves biodiversity


Maintaining and promoting biodiversity by providing a home for thousands of species.

In 2020 we partnered with One Tree Planted to help plant trees in areas of the world that are in desperate need. These are areas where planting trees will have a real impact on biodiversity while supporting local communities. According to One Tree Planted, 46% of the world’s forests are already destroyed.

Reuseabox Two Million Tree Challenge 2021 plan

What’s Next For Our 2 Million Tree Challenge

In 2021 we plan to support more tree planting projects within the UK.

If you have a sustainable project or event you think Reuseabox would fit into, Contact The Reuseabox Team. We are all for helping the environment and the local community!

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