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The Natural Spa – Guest Blog

We caught up with The Natural Spa, one of our Reuse Ambassadors! Check out how they’re helping the planet with their sustainable personal care products.


1. Who is The Natural Spa and what do you do?


The Natural Spa is a sustainable brand that is dedicated to providing high quality hair and personal care products. We ensure all of our products are good for you as well as having a low carbon footprint. We make all sorts of bars suitable from top to toe, such as face wash, deodorant, body soaps and hair bars.


natural spa cosmetics


2. Why is sustainability important to your brand?


Being a business in the modern world means you need to take sustainability into account. We are also very fortunate to be based on the south west coast of the UK, where we are surrounded by nature. This inspires us to look after it.


3. How does The Natural Spa put its commitment to sustainability into action?


Our products are designed to help people move away from single use plastic in their personal care routine. We also work with our suppliers to create closed loop systems where possible and reduce the amount of packaging. We have the option for customers to plant trees with their orders also.


plastic free products


4. Why did you decide to start packing your products in used cardboard boxes?


Since day 1 we have been reusing cardboard boxes, our founder’s ( Zoe ) family also runs a business, this created waste boxes so it just seemed natural to reuse them. Since then we work with lots of local businesses to take their boxes off their hands and now with Reuseabox to ensure the demand for boxes we need is met.


5. How do your customers feel about their products arriving in used boxes?


We receive such glowing feedback about our reused boxes, we often get sent lovely pictures of our customers then reusing them again for projects at home.



6. What would you say to another company that was thinking of packing in used boxes?


I would say go for it. Your customers will appreciate even the smallest steps in making your business more sustainable . We need to get as many businesses doing this as possible so we can make using new boxes abnormal.


7. The Natural Spa has recently become a Reuse Ambassador! What made you decide to join this initiative?


It was a no brainer for us, like minded businesses supporting each other.


We choose to reuse a box badge

8. What are The Natural Spa’s plans for the future?

In the future we would like to tackle more single use plastic and release even more ranges. We would also like to make our business even more sustainable with less packaging on our products, more carbon offsetting and provide more education to help people kick their single use plastic habits.


Find out more about The Natural Spa’s Sustainable Products.


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