26 November 2021By ellie Reuseabox

7 Easy Ways To Have A Green Friday

This year Reuseabox are supporting Green Friday and encouraging consumers and businesses to think before they spend. Green Friday exists to reject the over-consumption promoted by Black Friday and instead encourages consumers to buy more sustainably. While we all love to bag a bargain, there is growing evidence to suggest that not all Black Friday ‘offers’ are as good as they appear to be. An investigation by Which? found more than 9 in 10 Black Friday ‘deals’ are the same price or cheaper in the six months before and after Black Friday. Many large retailers simply up their prices in the weeks before so they can temporarily drop them. Green Friday has gained considerable support from independent businesses who struggle to compete with the major retailers and would rather offer their customers great products and services all year round. It’s also proving popular with consumers, with over a third (36%) saying they choose to buy from companies with high environmental credentials, even if it costs them more.


Keep reading to find our top tips for having a Green Friday.


1. Think Before You Buy

Over-consumption is one of the biggest problems we face. According to Greenpeace, the UK produces over 100 million tonnes of waste each year. Less than 10% of plastic is recycled and the UK dumps the equivalent of 3 and a half Olympic size swimming pools of waste on other counties every single day. The last thing you want to do is add to the growing waste crisis with yet another piece of fast fashion or the latest tech gadget that you don’t really need. Think carefully about each purchase you make. Is it something you love? Is it something you need?


2. Get Creative!

Ever heard of the saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’? If you’re racking your brains trying to think of a gift for a loved one this Christmas, why not make them something instead? This could be a great opportunity to learn a new craft or even practice your baking skills!


3. Upcycle or Fix An Old Item

We need to break away from the ‘take, make, waste’ mentality and start embracing a more Circular way of using and disposing of products. That dress that’s seen better days could be re-purposed into a new top. Or that dusty old chest of drawers could be sanded down and re-painted to look as good as new!

fix something

4. Support a Local Charity or Good Cause

If you have the urge to splurge this Friday, why not donate to a green initiative. Donate to organisations and charities that support Beach Cleans or help prevent Food Waste. You can even plant trees through the social enterprise Ecologi.


5. Gift Experiences Rather Than Things

1 in 10 Christmas presents end up in landfill. If you’re struggling to think of a Christmas present for that difficult to buy for person, why not gift an experience instead. The easiest way to create memories, zero waste style! Not only will you get to spend more time with the people you love, you can also relax, safe in the knowledge that your gift is not creating any unnecessary waste.

gift experiences

6. Visit green spaces

Try getting outside and visiting a green space rather than spending hours searching the internet for the best deals. This Friday, about 85% of independent retailers have chosen to shut down their websites, donate their profits to charity and plant trees in a bid to rebel against the unnecessary consumerism encouraged by large online retailers. For nature lovers you can even Gift a National Trust Membership.


7. Engage In Ethical Shopping

If you have to buy something, choose ethical, independent brands. Opt for products that are green, handmade and toxic free wherever possible. Think handmade jewelry and soaps or vintage clothes from charity shops. In fact, buying second hand from sites such as Vinted is an eco-friendly way to shop for clothes on a budget. You can also sell your own clothes here and ensure those unwanted items are given a second life!

conscious consumerism


It really is easier than you think to have a Green Friday! It’s a great time to get creative and think about how you can have lasting memories rather than buy yet another item destined for landfill. If you’re a business, it’s also important to think about the packaging you’re using to send out products. Opt for once used cardboard boxes to reduce your carbon footprint. At Reuseabox we also Plant a Tree for every order placed, allowing you to give something back with every purchase. To celebrate Green Friday we’ll double our tree planting efforts for any orders placed on Friday 26th November.


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