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Setting Up A Reuseabox Model At Herrco Cosmetics

We’d like to introduce Herrco Cosmetics, the latest company to implement a Reuseabox Model and join us as a Reuse Ambassador! Herrco Cosmetics is an award winning beauty and cosmetics manufacturer based in the UK. Recently awarded an Ecovadis Gold rating, they strive to do right by people and planet. However, when it came to their waste cardboard, they wanted to do better than traditional recycling. John Wiley, Strategic Supply Chain Director at Herrco Cosmetics, contacted Reuseabox to find out if they could help.

“To reuse rather than recycle, it is more energy efficient, it improves our carbon footprint”.

John Wiley – Herrco Cosmetics


The Reuseabox Model

The Reuseabox Model is an alternative to baling your waste cardboard. Instead, used cardboard boxes are segregated at the point of unpack and diverted to reuse. This simple process helps companies to streamline their cardboard waste processes. There is no need for costly baling machinery and no charge for collections.

The recycling process requires a huge amount of water, energy and natural resources. It also produces large volumes of CO2. A cardboard box is not a single use item and can be reused multiple times before it is ready for the baler. When you choose to divert your cardboard to reuse, you delay the environmentally damaging recycling process and unlock huge environmental benefits.


Cardboard Reuse Environmental Stats

As a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Community, we have developed the Reuseabox Model based on circular economy principles. It aims to keep cardboard in use for longer to protect our natural resources and reduce waste. Our unique Carbon Footprint Tool provides detailed reporting of the environmental savings you achieve. You can use this for waste reporting or to share with employees and wider stakeholders. We also pay a fixed rebate for every single box reused. Unlike the recycling rates, this is a fixed rebate, providing financial certainty.


Environmental Report

Implementing The Reuseabox Model At Herrco Cosmetics

After the initial enquiry, Reuseabox conducted a site visit to determine if a Reuseabox Model would be suitable for Herrco Cosmetics. They examined their current waste handling process and identified a large proportion of cardboard boxes that could be diverted to reuse. Reuseabox advised diverting the used boxes at the source of unpack to prevent the new process having any impact on production. Additionaly, Reuseabox provided onsite training and equipment to help operatives pack the boxes correctly.


The Reuseabox Process

Operatives were instructed to unpack boxes on the production line, flatten each box and place it on a wooden pallet. Each pallet contained boxes of the same size and type. When the pallets were stacked to 1.2 metres high, they were secured with pallet strapping and transported to a storage area using a pallet trolley. Reuseabox then collected the boxes. The boxes were taken back to their central distribution hub to be sorted and checked. They were then ready to be sent out for their second life as eco-friendly packing boxes.


Benefits of a Reuseabox model


Reuseabox Environmental Reports

“To be able to report that with independent KPIs… such as our carbon footprint reductions, how much water we save, how much energy we have saved, how many trees we’ve saved, it’s really really important to us”.

John Wiley – Herrco Cosmetics


Each quarter, we send Herrco Cosmetics an environmental report. The report details their environmental savings for the previous quarter. Herrco Cosmetics received their first report shortly after their first collection. After diverting just over 2,000 boxes to reuse they had already made some impressive savings including…

  • 6 Trees Saved
  • 1 Tonne of Carbon Saved
  • 40,000+ Litres of Water Saved
  • 8,000+ KWH of Energy Saved


We’re also planting trees as part of our 2 Million Tree Challenge. For every order placed for Herrco cardboard boxes, we’ll plant a tree on their behalf.

Find out what John Wiley, Strategic Supply Chain Director at Herrco Cosmetics had to say about the Reuseabox Model.


There’s never been a better time to choose to reuse and do your part to help reduce your company’s carbon footprint. The Reuseabox Model is an easy way to divert your waste cardboard to reuse to streamline your waste processes and provide huge environmental savings. The Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool provides independently reviewed data for your own waste reporting or to share with employees and company stakeholders.

To find out more about implementing a Reuseabox Model at your company, check out how to Become A Supplier or Contact Us today to book your free Reuseabox trial.


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