Frequently Asked Questions at Reuseabox

10 August 2022By ellie Reuseabox

Frequently Asked Questions at Reuseabox

At Reuseabox, we often get asked a range of questions by our lovely customers. We understand that the concept of purchasing a used box instead of a new one can come with some questions and concerns. So, to make it easier for you, we put together this list of FAQs!

Why should I pack my products in used cardboard boxes?

Have you ever ordered something online that comes in a sturdy, neat and practical box, and then felt guilty for throwing it away? This is because cardboard boxes are NOT single-use items! They are strong and durable enough to be used a few times before they start to lose their quality. And contrary to popular belief, recycling isn’t that environmentally friendly… obviously it’s a great last resort, but the process itself releases a lot of carbon and uses massive amounts of water and energy. It’s so important we try to reuse, repair or repurpose things before we throw them away.

What’s more, cardboard cannot be recycled infinitely. The fibres in cardboard get stretched, and so a proportion of new pulp gets added to the mix each time. This means more trees will still need to be cut down.

Not only is reusing boxes better for the planet, but it’s also better for you too! Used boxes are often cheaper than brand new ones, saving you money. And they all come with zero lead times – we don’t have to make a used box – saving you time.

Will used boxes protect my products as well as new ones?

Yes! The strength of a cardboard box does not depend on how many times it has been used. Most boxes can be reused 3 or 4 times before they need to be recycled. All of our used boxes are quality checked when we receive them to make sure they’re in a great condition for our customers. Some of our used boxes might contain some tape or the odd label from their previous use but they will all be perfectly reusable and strong enough to protect your cargo.

once used double wall boxes

Will I be able to re-order the same used cardboard box?

Yes! We have long term supply contracts with our suppliers, meaning we get the same boxes regularly each month. When you need to re-order, we can then supply you with the same boxes you got the previous time.

If you are looking for a regular supply, we recommend placing a forward order for these. This will benefit you by locking the price in place and reserving the stock back for you. For more information on regular supplies and forward orders, contact a member of our sales team!

Why are used boxes better for the environment?

Of all packaging materials currently available on the market, cardboard is among the most eco-friendly. It is sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable. However, like all things, it still has an environmental footprint. For the manufacturing process of cardboard, trees must be cut down, carbon is produced by all the machinery, and huge amounts of energy and water are needed.

Reusing boxes keeps the cardboard in use for longer, therefore preventing the need for new cardboard to be made. This saves trees, carbon, water and energy; hooray! Not only does it prevent the need for new boxes, it also delays the recycling process, saving even more of these precious resources. This embodies circular economy principles – the longer we can keep things in use, the less resources we need and the less carbon we produce.

Furthermore, at Reuseabox we plant trees every time you place an order with us! Even though our used cardboard boxes are helping to keep trees in the ground, we still feel the need to give back to our planet. That’s why we partnered with Ecologi!

We plant a tree for every order

Where do you plant trees?

Ecologi is an environmental organisation dedicated to reforesting our Earth. They help us to plant trees all over the world as well as fund carbon reduction projects. We donate a percentage of our profits to Ecologi each month, helping us to grow our own Reuseabox forest! We have also pledged to plant 1 million trees by 2030 with the Million Tree Pledge. This is part of our 2 million tree challenge – save 1 million trees, plant 1 million trees. Help us reach our goal!

How does the Reuseabox model work?

At Reuseabox we partner with big companies who produce large volumes of used boxes. These boxes were originally destined to be baled and recycled (despite being in excellent quality) so we rescue these and take them to our warehouse. At Reuseabox HQ we check, sort, and repack the boxes. They are then ready to be sent out for their second life with companies like yours! Here’s a handy diagram to show this process.

Do you provide any eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap?

Yes! We provide an eco-friendly void fill made from shredded cardboard. This void fill is made from used cardboard boxes that were not quite up to standard to be reused again. This is great at protecting your products as cardboard has excellent cushioning properties. Plus, it can be easily recycled at home! A much more sustainable choice than single-use plastic bubble wrap.

AZ1201 cardboard void fill

How should I secure my cardboard boxes for shipping?

We recommend taping the bottom and the top of your cardboard boxes to keep the boxes secure during shipping. For an eco-friendly alternative, ask about our paper tape that can be printed with your company logo. This can be easily recycled along with the boxes.

How do I choose the right used box for shipping my products?

We recommend getting a box that fits your product well to avoid the product moving around and to avoid unnecessary shipping costs with boxes that are much bigger than the product. We have a whole blog dedicated to choosing the right box for you, read that here for further information!

Can reusing cardboard boxes reduce my carbon footprint?

Yes! Packaging falls under your scope 3 emissions. Our Carbon Footprint Tool allows us to tell you exactly how much carbon, energy, water, and trees you have saved by choosing to reuse. We can provide environmental reports that you can use to track and measure your impact.

What is the Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool?

Our Carbon Footprint Tool allows us to calculate the environmental savings produced when you choose to reuse cardboard boxes. We track the eco credentials of every box reused which means we can tell you the amount of trees, water, energy and carbon you have saved by choosing to reuse. We can provide quarterly reports for you to track and measure your savings over time.

Working with environmental consultants at Eco3 and academics at the University of Lincoln we’ve developed a tool to track the benefits of reusing cardboard boxes over recycling. The tool covers the impacts of materials, transportation, storage, and final disposal at end of life.

eco report


Hopefully any questions you had before you read this blog have now been answered! If you still have an unanswered question regarding used boxes, our Reuseabox model or the Carbon Footprint Tool, please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to assist you!


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