We’re Planting Twice as Many Trees this Green Friday

27 November 2020

We’re Planting Twice as Many Trees this Green Friday


Green is the new Black this weekend. In recent years Black Friday has been replaced with a sustainable alternative that aims to encourage environmentally conscious shopping. Green Friday encourages consumers not to rush to shops and instead buy from sustainable brands or not at all.

Tree Planting for Green Friday at Reuseabox

This year we’ve decided to focus our efforts on environmental issues. Each time a customer places an order for our new or used cardboard boxes, we plant a tree on their behalf. For Green Friday we’ve decided to double our tree planting efforts and plant 2 trees for every order placed. Tree planting trees is vital for tackling climate change in the future. It’s also become more necessary due to the increased demand for cardboard packaging which is expected to continue over the next 5 years.

How We Plant Trees

We plant trees through a partnership with One Tree Planted, an organisation committed to reforestation across the globe. Our most recent donation has contributed towards a tree planting effort in Indonesia. Indonesia is recognised globally for its incredible biodiversity, including elephants, tigers, orangutans and over 1,700 species of birds. Tree planting here is urgently needed to help restore ecosystems in areas that have suffered deforestation from palm oil plantations, peat fires and extensive logging. Projects also offer sustainable livelihood alternatives to local communities.

Reuseabox Environmental Reports

Each time a customer chooses Reuseabox they opt for the most sustainable type of packaging. Our new surplus or once used cardboard boxes have been diverted from the waste stream to a second life. By promoting reuse on an industrial scale, we keep cardboard in use for longer, reduce the global demand for packaging and protect our natural environment.

Thanks to our unique Carbon Footprint Tool we can now provide our customers with detailed environmental reports. You can find out exactly how many trees and how much carbon, water and energy you have saved by Choosing to Reuseabox.


To get involved, choose to reuse and pack your products in our new surplus or once Used Cardboard Boxes.


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