How Reuseabox Is Helping Companies Achieve Net Zero Carbon

11 January 2021

How Reuseabox Is Helping Companies Achieve Net Zero Carbon

Until recently, companies focused on reducing their carbon footprint to become carbon neutral. Carbon neutrality is the process of having measured, reduced and offset your carbon footprint. This has allowed companies to set themselves targets and make a positive impact upon reducing their environmental impact.

Net Zero has been introduced as a way for companies to up their game and make bold and ambitious commitments to tackle climate change. It requires companies to set a minimum target for carbon reduction that includes indirect emissions such as those found throughout the supply chain, and these reductions must be achieved within a set timeframe. Offsetting projects should focus on removing carbon rather than simply avoiding it.


Working Towards Net Zero Carbon

Committing to Net Zero Carbon requires companies to take full responsibility for their emissions. Ideally companies should introduce a Science Based Target (SBT) which has the overarching goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees centigrade.


How Reuseabox Can Help You Achieve Net Zero Carbon

Working towards Net Zero Carbon involves many aspects of your business. If you use or produce cardboard boxes as part of your operation process, Reuseabox can help both reduce your carbon emissions and be a source of offsetting.


For Companies Using Cardboard Boxes

Reuseabox enables you to choose used cardboard boxes over new for your packing process. By choosing to reuse you significantly reduce your carbon footprint as well as producing a range of other environmental benefits. On average for every tonne of cardboard boxes that are reused you save:

  • 5 Trees
  • Half a Tonne of Carbon
  • 4,386 KW/H of Energy
  • 21,578 Litres of Water
  • 1 Tree is Planted for Every Order Placed


For Companies Producing Used Cardboard Boxes

We partner with companies who produce large volumes of used cardboard boxes to divert reusable boxes away from the waste stream to be reused. Using our unique Carbon Footprint Tool we can provide Environmental Reports to show exactly what you have achieved by choosing to reuse. Find out how to Become a Supplier.


Offset Your Emissions with the 2 Million Tree Challenge

Reuseabox have committed to both saving and planting 1 million trees. When you work with Reuseabox we help you reduce your emissions and give you the opportunity to work on offsetting through our tree planting efforts. We plant a tree for every order placed for cardboard boxes, with your help we hope to plant 1 million trees.

Join our Reuse Revolution today and start your journey to Net Zero Carbon.





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