Choose To Reuse: Low Cost Cardboard Layer Pads On Demand

16 November 2020

Choose To Reuse: Low Cost Cardboard Layer Pads On Demand

Cardboard packaging is in high demand. As more companies move away from plastic packaging, manufacturers are reporting a shortage of pulp needed to make cardboard, leading to higher prices and extended lead times. So how can you cut out the lead times and ensure you have a reliable, affordable supply of cardboard packaging?


Common Problems When Ordering Cardboard Packaging

  • Long lead times, making it difficult to cope with fluctuations in demand.
  • Increasing prices due to high demand for cardboard.


Choose to Reuse for Packaging on Demand

At Reuseabox we help companies to reuse cardboard packaging. In industry cardboard is often used only once before being sent off for recycling. But cardboard should not be treated as a single use material. Most cardboard packaging can be reused a few times before it is ready to be recycled.

If you use cardboard layer pads or dividers for your business, switching to once used stock will save you time and money. We hold all our once used, low cost cardboard layer pads and dividers in stock, which means you can order as and when required and even have your order dispatched the same day.

We provide cardboard sheets to fit a euro or standard pallet. Take a look at our most popular once used cardboard layer pads:


Once Used Layer Pads – Ref AZ829

Cardboard Sheets

Large Single Wall Layer Pads / Dividers

Size: 1300 x 1100 x 5mm – Designed to fit a Standard pallet with slight overhang

Pallet Qty: 900 sheets

Price: 1 pallet of 900 sheets at 17p each

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Great For

  • Dividing layers of bottles, pots or tins on a pallet, adding strength and stability to the load.
  • Using as slip sheets on pallets to protect the product.
  • Remanufacturing to make cardboard boxes or other cardboard packaging.


Benefits of Choosing Used, Low Cost Cardboard Layer Pads

  • Zero lead times
  • Same great quality packaging despite being once used
  • Low cost
  • Better for the environment


Better for the Planet

Opting for once used packaging is the most sustainable way of packaging your products. We wanted to find out exactly how good reuse is, so we worked with environmental consultants to develop a Carbon Footprint Tool that measures the benefits of reuse over recycling or buying new cardboard packaging. This allowed us to come up with some impressive statistics!

For every tonne (6.5 pallets) of cardboard that is reused,

  • 5 Trees are saved
  • 21,578 Litres of Water is saved
  • 4,386 KW/H of Energy is saved
  • 5 Tonnes of CO2 is saved


Planting trees is one of the best ways of tackling climate change. For every order placed through Reuseabox, we also plant a tree on your behalf.


If you’d like to find out more about packing your products with once used layer pads, check out our Full Range or call us today on 01636 626476.


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