Dairies Choose Reuseabox To Save Money During Lockdown

5 November 2020

Dairies Choose Reuseabox To Save Money During Lockdown

As we are once again plunged into lockdown, companies must ensure their packaging supply chain is secure. Many packaging manufacturers are reporting higher board costs and extended lead times and this is likely to intensify as we feel the effects of Brexit and another national lockdown. Find out how companies up and down the country are managing to reduce their packaging spend, eliminate lead times and actually improve the quality and usability of their packaging.

The Reuseabox Model

Reuseabox was launched with the sole purpose of helping companies to reuse packaging that would otherwise be disposed of, leading to a greener, easier, cheaper packaging solution.

Because of this, thousands of multinational organisations are reusing cardboard packaging through the Reuseabox network helping them to save thousands and beat supply chain issues.

Do you use Layer Pads?

Cardboard Sheets

Large Pallet Size Cardboard Sheets

Do you use these cardboard layer pads / divider sheets within your day to day packing process?

Measuring 1300mm x 1100mm x 3mm thick, these sheets are designed to separate layers of stock on a pallet. Each sheet overhangs the pallet on all 4 sides allowing you to cover the edges of your products for extra protection.

Find out how we helped this Dairy reduce their costs and eliminate lead times for their cardboard packaging.

The Challenge

A well-known Dairy Company was using cardboard layer pads to separate layers of milk bottles on a pallet. The cardboard layer pads were needed to separate the product and provide strength and stability to the pallet, preventing damages from occurring.

The Dairy was struggling with supply issues. Ideally they wanted to order their cardboard dividers on a just in time basis but their current manufacturer was quoting them a 5-6 week lead time. This made it difficult to cater for fluctuations in supply and demand for their product. Due to uncertainties within the supply chain the Dairy were also interested in reducing their overall packaging spend.

The Dairy approached Reuseabox to see if they could help.

The Solution: Dairies Choose Used Layer Pads

Reuseabox assessed the Dairy’s packing processes and requirements. They recommended a durable once used cardboard layer pad:

Cardboard Sheets

Large Single Wall Layer Pads / Dividers

Our ref: AZ829

Large Single Wall Cardboard Layer Pads

Size: 1300 x 1100 x 3mm

Board grade: 300KKB

Pallet quantity: 880 sheets

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The Result

The Dairy was impressed with the strength and quality of the once used cardboard sheets. The sheets overhung a standard pallet very slightly which provided some extra protection for the products. They were also impressed with the cost saving and happy to learn that they could order as little or as much as they required and have the cardboard sheets delivered at a time to suit.

After placing a trial order the Dairy decided to switch to once used cardboard layer pads permanently.

Thanks to our long term supply contracts, we’re able to offer customers like the Dairy a long term, once used packaging solution that will be available each time they come to re-order.

Environmental Benefits

Switching to once used packaging also provides substantial environmental benefits. For every tonne, that’s around 6.5 pallets of our once used standard layer pads,

  • 5 trees are saved
  • 0.5 tonnes of CO2 is saved
  • 4,386 KW/H of energy is saved
  • 21,578 litres of water is saved

We also know that planting trees is one of the best ways to tackle climate change. That’s why, for every order placed, we also plant a tree on your behalf. Find out more about our sustainability commitments Here.

If your company is interested in securing a long term, low cost packaging solution that’s better for the planet, why not give us a call on 01636 626476 or check out our Range of Layer Pads.


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