Reliable Cardboard Box Supplier For Pet Supplies

19 October 2020

Reliable Cardboard Box Supplier For Pet Supplies

A well-known Pet Supplies Company was looking for a reliable cardboard box supplier. They had recently seen a huge increase in online sales and needed advice on how to pack a variety of products to be sent out to customers. They were also interested in using a more environmentally sustainable packaging option for their range of pet products.

They contacted Reuseabox to see if they could help.


The Challenge

Reuseabox assessed the products and the method of shipping. In most cases the products were shipped out via carriers. The company reported they had experienced incidents where products had become damaged via carriers, leading to costly returns and refunds. They had also received criticism from their customers for shipping products in plastic.


The Solution

Reuseabox recommended 3 types of used cardboard boxes. The boxes were chosen to fit the range of products without the need for a lot of unnecessary void fill. The company had been using plastic bubble wrap for this. All the boxes were made of a heavy duty, double wall board grade to protect the products during transportation. By selecting cardboard boxes of a suitable strength and fit, the likelihood of damages would be significantly decreased.


Check out the boxes we recommended 

Ref: AZ828 – Heavy Duty Double Wall Packing Boxes

Size: 660mm x 460mm x 390mm


Ref: AZ543 – Heavy Duty Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Size: 490mm x 380mm x 590mm


Ref: AZ921 – Extra Heavy Duty Double Wall Shipping Boxes

Size: 430mm x 290mm x 215mm


Switching To A Reliable Cardboard Box Supplier

The company was impressed with the strength of the used cardboard boxes. The various products fitted well into the three sizes and no damages were reported. The company was also pleased to be reusing packaging which contributed to their sustainability objectives. They also made a substantial cost saving on their monthly packaging spend.


Environmental Benefits

By choosing to reuse, the Pet Supplies Company chose to pack their products in packaging that supports a more circular economy. The cardboard boxes were effectively given a ‘second life’, preventing them from going into the waste or recycling streams prematurely. This lead to,

  • Trees saved
  • Reduction in CO2 produced
  • Reduction in water used
  • Reduction in energy used


If you’d like to find out more about the types of new and used boxes we provide, check out our online store.


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