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Case Study: Yeo Valley

We’re excited to announce Yeo Valley as a recent addition to our Reuseabox community. Find out why they decided to join the reuse revolution and send their used cardboard to reuse.


About Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley is an organic dairy farm based in the heart of Somerset. They focus on creating sustainable food that supports both people and planet. They’ve already implemented some planet friendly initiatives such as regenerative agriculture and recycled packaging for their products.

Earlier this year they decided to focus on reducing the environmental impact of their waste cardboard.

“I decided that we should have a look at the Reuseabox Model after finding it on LinkedIn. It sounded like a really simple and effective way of reducing our impact on the environment”.David Patton: Site Leader at Yeo Valley

After a site visit to assess the boxes Yeo Valley produce, and a quick training session for staff, we welcomed Yeo Valley into the Reuseabox Community. Check out what we happened when we visited them at their Somerset HQ:

Check out how Yeo Valley Send their Used Cardboard To Reuse

Cardboard boxes are produced as part of the manufacturing process at the Yeo Valley factory. They are used to transport materials or products into the factory. Once unpacked these boxes would traditionally be loaded into a baler and sent off for recycling, despite being in a perfectly reusable condition! Luckily Reuseabox can collect these boxes for free and give them a second life. This also helps to reduce the demand for new cardboard and reduce our reliance on natural resources.

Since joining Reuseabox just a few weeks ago, these Yeo Valley boxes have been diverted away from recycling and into reuse:


used cardboard boxes for reuse


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Yeo Valley’s Reuse Stats to Date

Since joining us in August last year, Yeo Valley have already diverted over 33,000 cardboard boxes to reuse! Every business who diverts their boxes to reuse receives a quarterly report detailing their savings for that quarter.


Check out Yeo Valley’s stats!


We’re so excited to have Yeo Valley in our Reuse Community. By sending their used cardboard to reuse, they’re helping to keep cardboard in use for longer which helps to protect our planet. We collect their boxes for free, quality check them back at Reuseabox HQ, before sending them out for their second life as low cost, planet friendly packing boxes. Even better, every time we get an order for Yeo Valley used boxes, we Plant Trees!

Find out more about the Reuseabox Model and learn how to Divert Your Boxes to Reuse.


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