18 April 2023By ellie Reuseabox

Reuseabox Joins 1% for the Planet

We’re excited to announce that Reuseabox has officially joined 1% for the Planet! Keep reading to find out more about 1% for the Planet and what this means for Reuseabox.


What is 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is a global network of businesses, individuals and environmental partners working together to tackle our planet’s most urgent environmental issues. It was founded to help responsible businesses give back to environmental partners to create a healthier planet. Shockingly, only 3% of philanthropy goes towards environmental giving. 1% for the Planet aim to change this by raising awareness and helping businesses to donate their money in the smartest ways. They have a network of approved Environmental Partners that members can choose to donate to. By ensuring the charities are approved, businesses can have greater assurance that their money is going directly where it is needed.


Why we’re joining 1% for the Planet

At Reuseabox our mission is to help businesses reuse cardboard boxes to create a better world. We want to raise awareness of the environmental problems facing the packaging industry and fix the global waste crisis.

The problem

We’re passionate about helping businesses to reduce their environmental impact by keeping cardboard in use for longer. But we’re also painfully aware of the environmental issues caused by the packaging industry for which we have a part to play.


How we’re taking action

That’s why we decided to join 1% for the Planet. By committing to give at least 1% of our sales to the planet, we’re hoping to compensate for the damage we have caused through our business model and help our stakeholders become more responsible. Our donations will be certified through 1% for the Planet to ensure our money goes where it is needed the most.


Our Environmental Partners

We’ve chosen to donate to Eden Reforestation Project. Eden work with local communities to restore forests, protect eco-systems and help mitigate the effects of climate change. They have an employ to plant methodology which means they empower local communities to plant and look after the trees. These people, many of them extremely vulnerable, are rebuilding their lives from the ground up thanks to Eden. They offer a fair wage, steady employment and training opportunities. To date Eden have planted over 977 million trees across 10 countries. They’ve also empowered over 14,800 workers with stable employment and fair wages.

We are also proud members of Ecologi. Through Ecologi we donate to carbon reduction projects across the globe such as capturing waste biogas for energy in Turkey and distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya.

With the help of Eden and Ecologi we’re hoping to plant a million trees over the next few years. Find out more about our Million Tree Pledge.

Eden Reforestation Project

Credit: Eden Reforestation Project

How you can get involved

Buy boxes from us

When you choose to pack your products in Reuseabox Boxes, at least 1% of your order value is going to help our most urgent environmental issues.

Divert Your Used boxes to reuse

If your business produces large quantities of used cardboard boxes, why not Send them to Reuseabox? You’ll reduce your environmental impact by keeping cardboard boxes in use for longer and help support the planet every time your boxes are reused.

Reuse Cardboard Boxes


We’re proud to join 1% for the Planet to help tackle the planet’s most urgent environmental issues. Through partnering with Eden Reforestation Project and Ecologi, we’ve already planted over 12,000 trees and helped to reduce 9 tonnes of carbon. But this is just the beginning. By committing to giving 1% of our total sales revenue, we know we can achieve so much more. In fact, we’ve committed to planting a million trees by 2030. Join our community and help us help the planet.


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