5 Ways to Save Money on Cardboard Packing Boxes

4 April 2023By ellie Reuseabox

5 Ways to Save Money on Cardboard Packing Boxes

Price increases across every sector are becoming all too familiar. Along with energy prices, national insurance tax and fuel for your car, the packaging industry has also taken an unfortunate hit. However, there are ways to avoid extra, unnecessary costs when it comes to cardboard packing boxes!

Keep reading to find out how Reuseabox can save you money, as well as provide you with many other benefits.

Cardboard Packing Boxes

1. CHOOSE ONCE-USED cardboard packing BOXES

If you are familiar with cardboard box packaging, then you are aware of the durability, strength and protection it provides valuable cargo. It’s so durable in fact, that the majority of cardboard boxes can be used multiple times before they start to lose their quality.

Opting to buy cardboard packing boxes that are once-used, instead of brand new, can help to save you up to 50%! Used boxes are largely cheaper than brand new boxes, yet they don’t lack in quality or strength. 

Reuseabox are a cardboard box supplier specialising in once-used and surplus boxes. Not only are these boxes better value for money, there are other benefits to reusing cardboard:

  • Zero lead times

Because our packing boxes are once-used, they are ready and waiting to be shipped out to you. No more waiting for long lead times.

  • It’s much better for the planet!

    Consumers are now starting to expect sustainability from their suppliers. By not purchasing brand new cardboard packing boxes, you don’t contribute to the deforestation involved in box manufacture. You also save energy, water and carbon which is involved in the process of making brand new boxes. Find out more on our sustainability page.

Reuseabox offer long-term, regular supplies for many cardboard packing boxes. Check out some of these products we think you’ll love!

quality single wall cardboard boxes

500 X 350 X 350 mm

RRP: 96p

our price: 75p

490 X 380 X 590 mm

RRP: £1.89

our price: £1.41

Used Plain Heavy Duty Single Wall Packing Boxes

380 X 310 X 285 mm

RRP: 71p

our price: 34p


Picking the right size packing box can be crucial when it comes to saving extra money on shipping. If you use cardboard packing boxes that are too big, this can be disadvantageous:

  • It costs more to ship larger boxes

    When it comes to shipping, the larger the product the larger the price. If your cargo isn’t filling up the entire box, you’re essentially paying to ship air. Work smarter, not harder, and find a box the right fit.
  • Your product could get damaged

    Not only is box size important for price, it is also important for product safety. If your items are stored or shipped inside a box that is too big, chances are they will be shaken around and the potential for breakage increases. 
  • It can involve more waste

If you have boxes too large for your products, this can result in having to use void fill such as bubble wrap. Not only is this an added expense to you, but it is also producing more single-use waste.

Know the dimensions of cardboard packing boxes you need? Contact Reuseabox and the sales team will help to find the perfect box for your needs.

Variety of cardboard boxes available


Another important factor to consider is getting the correct board grade and fluting. Cardboard packing boxes come in different strengths for different uses:

  • Double wall packing boxes tend to be stronger and are best for heavier products or items more likely to get damaged easily, such as homeware.
  • Single wall boxes are lighter and can therefore be cheaper to ship, these are best for lightweight items such as textiles. 
  • Board grade also provides strength and durability to boxes. Some single wall boxes can be made of heavy duty board grade and therefore provide extra safety to your products being stored or shipped.

Not sure what grade and fluting you need? Ask a member of the Reuseabox sales team!

double wall fluting
What is single wall fluting


Another way to save money when purchasing cardboard packing boxes is to look for bulk order discounts. Reuseabox offer discounts on some of their packing boxes when ordering multiple pallets at a time. If you require a large volume of boxes then ordering in bulk could save you lots of money!

  • No room to store boxes?

If you know you will require a large volume of boxes over a long period of time, but have nowhere to store them, Reuseabox will store them for you! This way you can save money by applying the bulk discount, but won’t have to take up extra space with box storage. Just let us know when you’d like the extra boxes to be delivered and we work around you!

Here are some cardboard packing boxes we are currently offering with bulk discounts:

Used Plain Heavy Duty Single Wall Packing Boxes

380 X 310 X 285 mm

34p per box

Buy 3+ full pallets at just 29p each!

Buy 10+ full pallets at just 26p each!

quality single wall cardboard boxes

500 X 350 X 350 mm

75p per box

Buy 2+ full pallets at just 65p each!

Buy 12+ full pallets at just 59p each!

490 X 380 X 590 mm

£1.41 per box

Buy 2+ full pallets at just £1.05 each!

Buy 6+ full pallets at just 92p each!

5. Order in ADVANCE

Another easy way to save money with a regular box supply is to order in advance. If you are looking for a repeat supply, then it would be beneficial for you to order in advance to save you both money and time ordering. This makes each order you place cheaper than if you were to purchase a one-off pallet. Get in touch with our sales team now for more information.

Cardboard Packing Boxes


With cardboard price increases affecting everyone, now is a great time to start looking at other options in regards to purchasing cardboard boxes. Once-used and surplus packing boxes are a great way to not only save money, but also save time and save the trees!

Reuseabox offer many options which can help to save you money, including low price boxes, bulk discounts and advance ordering options. Not only this, but our box experts work with you very closely to find packaging that is the ideal fit for you. They can advise on size, board grade and fluting so that your box supplies are nothing short of perfect.

Choose to Reuseabox to save time, money and the planet!


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