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Looking To Switch Packaging Suppliers?

January is a great time to review some packaging suppliers and see if you’re getting the best possible deal for your cardboard boxes. Whether you’ve suffered from extended lead times, late deliveries or sharp price increases, you need to partner with a supplier who can meet your requirements not just today, but in the future too.

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Reduce Your Packaging Spend

Packaging suppliers must be competitive on price. According to Lets Recycle, prices for used board, vital in the recycling process, have risen over the last 18 months from £10 a tonne to £50-55 a tonne. As demand remains high, prices are likely to stay inflated or could rise even further. An easy way to mitigate these price increases is to opt for once Used Cardboard Boxes. We recommend going to a specialist supplier of used boxes such as Reuseabox who operate exclusively within the UK. This gives you access to local supplies of used boxes in huge volumes.


Used shipping cardboard boxes

What’s causing the price rise for new boxes?

Manufacturers of new boxes are facing increasing problems due to the Cardboard Shortage. Almost everything we buy is either packaged or delivered in cardboard. The pandemic has changed the way we live and work. As ecommerce and home deliveries soared throughout 2020, the demand for cardboard packaging also accelerated.

And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. lead times for cardboard

But our increased reliance on Amazon packages hasn’t entirely caused the cardboard shortage. Cardboard is one of the most easy to recycle materials. Yet as local councils struggle to cope with staff shortages and a lack of funding, recycling rates have dropped. Consumers have even been blamed for hoarding cardboard boxes in their homes instead of properly recycling them. Another issue to contend with is the Supply Chain Crisis

The pandemic caused factories and offices around the world to close which changed the way we spent money, having a knock on effect on our supply chains. Multiple issues such as labour or material shortages and warehouse closures compounded to have disastrous effects on global supply chains. This included the supply of raw materials needed to make cardboard boxes.

Get Peace of Mind

The last thing you want to do is spend your time chasing a late delivery or returning the wrong boxes. At Reuseabox we have long term supply contracts with our suppliers. All our used boxes are available on a regular basis. Just contact one of the team when you need to re-order. You can even pre-order your next order to guarantee your boxes are ready to call off when you need them. We offer next day and eco Delivery Slots in our own vehicles with regular updates.


Find the right box

It is no doubt a false economy to save money or time by packing your product in the wrong box. Unfortunately this is a reality for many businesses as they struggle to source their usual supply of cardboard boxes. This results in higher costs and less sustainable packaging.

Our MD, Jack, likes to say ‘if it fits, it ships’ (be careful how you say that out loud). It’s vital to get the right size and strength of box for your products. But that doesn’t mean you need to go to a manufacturer and get your boxes made bespoke to your product. At Reuseabox we have a huge range of Used Cardboard Boxes. Whatever you need to pack, we’re almost certain to have a box to suit your needs. At the point of enquiry, you will be assigned a dedicated Reuse Specialist to help you find the perfect box(es) for your products. We’ll help you consider not just the product you are packing but also how it is packed and the method of shipping. This will enable you to determine the strength and fluting type required. Once you have selected your boxes, they will be quality checked by our Reuse Team and professionally packed before being sent out to you for their second life.  Contact Us today to talk to one of our reuse specialists or browse our Entire Range of new and used shipping boxes.


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Protect Our Planet

Choosing to pack your products in once used boxes is the easiest way to be More Sustainable. Packing in any cardboard box is good for the planet but all packaging has a carbon footprint. The recycling process alone requires vast quantities of water and energy. Each time cardboard is recycled the fibres in the board get stretched, affecting the quality of the material. This means cardboard cannot be recycled infinitely. A Recent Study suggests cardboard can only be recycled around 25 times. A large amount of material is also lost in the collection, sorting and cleaning stages. To get around this problem recycling companies add a proportion of new pulp to the mixture, resulting in further deforestation.

While recycling is important for good waste management, reuse must always be prioritised. When you choose to reuse-a-box, you keep cardboard in use for longer which delays the recycling process. This saves carbon, water, energy and ultimately keeps trees in the ground. At Reuseabox we also Plant a Tree every time you place an order for our cardboard boxes. Check out the stats:


reusing one tonne of cardboard saves


Increased demand for cardboard and supply chain issues means price rises and extended lead times are here to stay. Luckily, you can mitigate the challenges and uncertainties caused by choosing packaging suppliers that specialise in once used boxes. When you opt for once used packaging you get the same great quality boxes at competitive prices with no risk of delayed deliveries. When you choose to Reuseabox you’ll also be choosing to partner with a company that puts Purpose Before Profit and can help you on your journey towards net zero carbon. Contact Us today and join the Reuse Revolution!

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