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10 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; stockings are hung up, trees are twinkling, carolers are singing, and you… are stuck on what to buy for your friends and family. But buying thoughtful gifts this time of year doesn’t have to cost the earth (quite literally). We’ve put together this helpful list of sustainable gift ideas which are eco-conscious, environmentally friendly and plastic-free.

1. Toast Ale

We love Toast Ale’s mission to turn bread waste into beer!

Food waste is a massive problem in the UK, a 2018 study found that we produce 9.5 million tonnes of it per year. Toast Ale take unwanted, surplus bread, and use this to replace the barley in their beer. This in turn saves energy and water, uses less land and completely cuts carbon emissions! As well as this, they donate all their distributable profits to charities working to fix the food system. Pretty impressive if you ask us, oh and did we mention – it’s delicious. Find out more about the great work they’ve done here. We love their beer and bread kit, complete with 7 beers, a glass and ingredients to bake your own loaf of bread! The perfect sustainable gift idea for beer lovers.

Toast Ale

Image credit: @ournameisfarm

2. The Natural Spa

If you’re looking for eco-friendly cosmetics, look no further!

The Natural Spa produce a wide range of natural soaps, hair care and skin care products, bath bombs and more, perfect sustainable gifts for stocking fillers. All their products are vegan-friendly, cruelty free, and handmade using sustainably sourced ingredients. Their mission is to help their customers reduce their plastic usage and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but as well as their fantastic products, they put sustainability at the core of their company values, helping in any ways they can; check out their environmental policy here.

The Natural Spa as also part of the Reuseabox Community.  As proud supporters of cardboard reuse they help us spread awareness on the importance of reusable packaging and good waste management.


The Natural Spa

3. Ecovibe

The perfect plastic free choice!

Ecovibe is an online wholesaler who source the best eco-alternatives to everyday essentials. They sell all sorts of products from homeware and cosmetics to pet products! You’re sure to find the perfect sustainable gift ideas for a loved one on their site, check out their Christmas Gift section. Ecovibe are passionate about making a positive impact on the planet, that’s why they donate a percentage of their revenue to protect rainforests. For every £1 you spend on their site you save 6 square metres of rainforest!


4. Tony’s Chocolonely

Slavery-free, plastic-free, guilt-free chocolate!

We absolutely love Tony’s Chocolonely, not only does it taste amazing, but they have an inspiring and important mission to make chocolate 100% slavery free. They have so many mouthwatering flavours to choose from, from milk almond honey nougat, to dark milk pretzel toffee, there’s a flavour for everyone! They even do Christmas gift set bundles and personalised bars. Order now for the chocolate lover in your life.


Tony's Chocolonely

Image credit: The Artisan Smokehouse

5. Patagonia

When it comes to supporting people and planet, Patagonia truly are champions.

Along with producing high quality outdoor clothing and accessories, they have a determined mission to give back to the planet, including a “1% for the planet” tax. 1% of all their sales goes to preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Earlier this year the Founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, transferred ownership of the company to a trust and non-profit dedicated to tackling climate change. Patagonia encourage their customers to donate to environmental causes, repair old clothes or buy used clothes instead of new. Their products are made to a very high quality, as they know this means they will last longer and produce less waste. Find the perfect clothing gift here – we recommend the jumpers and fleeces, ideal for the chilly wintertime.



Image credit: Patagonia

6. Ecologi

A sustainable gift idea which will last a lifetime – gift someone a forest!

Ecologi are an environmental organisation devoted to reducing carbon and planting trees. So far, they have funded over 54 million trees and reduced over 2 million tonnes of co2 – that’s pretty impressive! They plan to reduce half of the world’s emissions by 2040, why not help them out and gift someone a woodland this year. Plant between 100 and 100,000 trees in someone’s name this year to show you love them AND our planet.



Image credit: Ecologi

7. Mermaid Gin

Get in the Christmas SPIRIT!

This fantastic gin from the Isle of Wight Distillery has been awarded the plastic-free standard by A Plastic Planet. The bottles are beautifully crafted from glass which is both recyclable and reusable. The natural cork stopper is sustainably sourced, and the tamper-proof seal is 100% compostable. They aim to “preserve the environment of mermaids” by keeping all packaging plastic-free and supporting marine conservation projects. The ultimate gift for any gin lovers you know.


Mermaid Gin

Image credit: Isle of Wight Distillery

8. Buttercross Boxes

Fresh local produce at fresh local value.

Buttercross Boxes are a true family business, spanning back over 100 years and 5 generations. They supply homes and businesses with fresh produce, and have a network of local growers, suppliers and makers to cater for homes all across the country. The supply a large variety of produce such as chocolates, sauces, teas and coffees, fresh food boxes and Christmas products. Check out their Christmas Collection.


buttercross boxes

Image Credit: Buttercross Boxes

9. Cheeky Panda

Using bamboo to stop deforestation!

Cheeky Panda specialise in household and sanitary products made from bamboo. This is the fastest growing plant in the world, which produces 30% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon than trees, making it very sustainable and the perfect replacement for paper-based products! We love their commitments to being plastic-free, reducing deforestation and improving animal welfare. Their face wipes, bamboo straws, pocket tissues and hand wipes make excellent stocking fillers!


Cheeky Panda

Image credit: Cheeky Panda

10. Plastic Freedom

The plastic-free paradise!

Plastic Freedom is the perfect destination to find all things eco-friendly this Christmas. You’re sure to find many sustainable gift ideas on this website. From clothing and homeware to food and drink, this online site sells just about any essential items you can think of – all while being completely plastic-free! There is a Christmas section on the website for all your festive needs, such as decorations, stocking fillers and wrapping materials. We love the gift sets and hampers, perfect presents for the eco-conscious person in your life.


Plastic freedom

Image Credit: London on the Inside

Second-hand gifts

Another way to think of the planet this Christmas time is to shop second-hand. When you buy a product second-hand, you’re already doing your part to help the environment (it’s that easy!) Buying used products reduces carbon emissions, this is because every new item that’s produced creates pollution in some way or another, whether it’s from raw material extraction or transportation or the manufacturing process itself. Second-hand shopping also helps to preserve our Earth’s natural resources, produces less waste for landfill, uses less water and energy, and uses less packaging! Anything can be bought second-hand, from clothes and books to furniture and electronics, and there are many online platforms nowadays to find them, so shopping for second-hand Christmas presents has never been easier! Here’s a list of websites where you can buy and sell used products, check these out for some second-hand sustainable gift ideas:






Facebook Marketplace

From chocolate to forests, we hope you’ve found an eco-friendly gift idea for that special person in your life, showing that you not only care about them, but our planet too! Here at Reuseabox we care about people and planet; that’s why we are always doing our bit to make the world a better, happier and greener place for us all, such as launching our reuse model and planting a tree for every order placed! We love all the companies we mentioned in this article because they share our ethos to live more sustainably and have turned problems into solutions.


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