3 Reasons to Buy Collapsible Cardboard Pallet Boxes

7 December 2022By ellie Reuseabox

3 Reasons to Buy Collapsible Cardboard Pallet Boxes

Collapsible cardboard pallet boxes are well known for their strength and durability. Commonly used in industry to transport goods via pallets, they are strong and sturdy. Designed to fit on either a standard or euro pallet, they measure 1200 x 1000mm in length and width or 1200 x 800mm. They usually measure up to 1000mm in height but can be even taller. These boxes are perfect for transporting high capacity, bulky products such as e-waste, textiles or machinery parts. They can also be used to transport smaller products in bulk. Collapsible pallet boxes are made in a range of designs to suit different products.

Check out our top 3 reasons for packing in collapsible cardboard pallet boxes…


1. Save money with collapsible cardboard pallet boxes

As the name suggests, collapsible pallet boxes are delivered flat pack on a pallet. The pallet can be used to store the boxes before and after use. collapsible cardboard pallet boxPallet boxes are incredibly strong and durable, making them perfect for multiple uses. When you choose to reuse you can cut your packaging spend by up to 40%!


2. Get fast, flexible delivery to suit

Many of our pallet boxes are once used, others are held in stock in large quantities. This means we don’t have lead times like standard cardboard box suppliers. Order as and when needed and choose from eco or premium Delivery Services.


3. Help the planet

At Reuseabox we’re on a mission to help businesses reuse cardboard boxes, simply because it’s better for the planet. Our collapsible cardboard pallet boxes are not single use items and can easily be reused 4 or 5 times before they’re ready for the baler. eco reportUsing the Reuseabox Environmental Tool we can provide regular reports detailing your environmental savings from choosing to reuse cardboard boxes.


Check out our range of collapsible cardboard pallet boxes

Choose from double wall or triple wall pallet boxes. We can even provide an inner sleeve for added strength. Ensure you buy the correct pallet box for your product(s).

Cap and Sleeve Pallet Boxes

Cap and Sleeve Pallet Box – products can be stacked on the base before the box is ‘built’ around and the lid placed on top.

If you’re packing a large quantity of small items we’d recommend opting for the cap and sleeve design. This allows you to pack your products on the base of the box before sliding the edge of the box over the products and placing the lid on top.

Alternatively, if you’re transporting large bulky products, we’d recommend a box with a side loading flap for ease of loading.

Contact Us if you’d like further support selecting the right pallet box for your needs.


Collapsible Pallet Boxes for extra large or heavy products

Used Printed Heavy Duty Double Wall Octabins

Collapsible Octabin with octagonal sides

Some products are just too heavy or bulky for standard pallet boxes. Products such as liquid bags or plastic mouldings can weigh up to a tonne and can be extremely difficult to handle. For these products we’d recommend using a Collapsible Octabin. These are our largest and strongest boxes. Their octagonal shape makes them unlikely to buckle under extreme pressure and most are stitched for extra strength and durability.

They can be bulky to handle but can be transported flatpack on a pallet for ease of storage.  Check out our top tips for hassle free assembly:


Our collapsible cardboard pallet boxes are ideal for transporting large, bulky products on a pallet. Buying once used boxes from Reuseabox will save you time and money but it’s also better for the planet. Contact Us to talk to a member of the team or check out our Full Range.


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