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10 FAQs About Pallet Boxes

At Reuseabox we know a thing or two about cardboard Pallet Boxes. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 frequently asked questions about pallet boxes. You’ll also find some photos and videos as you scroll down.


1. What are pallet boxes used for?

Pallet boxes are large cardboard boxes used to ship products via pallets. They come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit various products. Pallet boxes with a 0200 design might be used to ship large bulky products. They often have large loading flaps on the side that can open out to make loading and unloading the product easier.

once used pallet box

Once Used Euro Pallet Box on a Euro Pallet

2. What size pallet box do I need?

Pallet boxes come in two main sizes – euro and standard. Euro pallet boxes measure 1200m in length and 800mm in width. They are usually 800mm in height but this can vary. Standard pallet boxes are slightly larger, measuring 1200mm x 1000mm x 1000mm in length, width and height. The pallet box you select will probably depend on your product and method of shipping. Ensure you have the correct Wooden Pallets which can be bought in either standard or euro size.


3. When should I use cap and sleeve pallet boxes?

Cap and sleeve pallet boxes are ideal for transporting wholesale products or a large quantity of small items. First construct the base and stack your products onto the base. Next place the sleeve around your products, ensuring it fits nearly into the base and builds a box around your products. Finally, place the lid on top! Did you know you can also use 0200 pallet boxes to pack smaller products? Check out the pallet box hack below.

4. What is the strongest pallet box you supply?

The strength of a pallet box depends on its board grade and fluting. Some of our strongest pallet boxes can hold up to 1,000kg in weight. For extra strength we recommend opting for a triple wall pallet box. You can also add an inner sleeve for extra strength. For packing very high capacity, bulky products, we recommend Octabin Pallet Boxes. Their octagonal shape makes these boxes unlikely to buckle under extreme pressures. Many of them also have a crash lock base and an inner sleeve for extra product protection.


5. Do the pallet boxes arrive with pallets?

Most of our pallet boxes are shipped flat pack on a wooden pallet, with the exception of AZ274 which has the pallet included with every box. You can keep the wooden pallet the boxes arrive on but you will need to purchase additional pallets for shipping the boxes if you don’t have these already. Luckily we can supply both euro and standard Wooden Pallets.

Heavy Duty EPAL Wooden Pallet

6. Can I double stack pallet boxes?

Yes! Some of our pallet boxes are suitable for double stacking when packed correctly. We recommend pairing the box with a Heavy Duty Lid if you are planning to double stack.


7. Are the pallet boxes supplied with a lid?

Absolutely! Most of our customers need lids for their pallet boxes so we ensure these are included with your order. If you don’t need lids, just let us know and we’ll keep the lids and give you a small discount in return. We hate to see cardboard go to waste!

Pallet Box with Lid

Pallet Box with Heavy Duty Lid

8. How do I secure my pallet box to the pallet?

We recommend securing your pallet box to your wooden pallet using Pallet Strapping. Let us know if you’d like to include this in your order. We can also recommend the best tools to use.


9. Can I reuse a pallet box?

Of course! Pallet boxes and octabins are the strongest, most durable cardboard boxes you can buy. Many of them are stitched together with metal staples and have even been known to break baling machines! So why recycle them when you can Reuseabox! Even our used pallet boxes can be reused a few times before they’re ready to be recycled. Most importantly, when you choose to reuse, you save time, money and the planet.


10. How do you ship the pallet boxes to me?

Our collapsible cardboard pallet boxes are shipped to you flat pack on large wooden pallets. You can store them on the pallet to save space and when needed they are easy to assemble. Check out our video on how to assemble an octabin…

To Conclude

We hope we’ve answered all your pallet box questions. But if you’d like to find out more, head over to our Website or Contact Us to speak to a member of the team.


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