Why Propermac Chooses to Reuseabox

We caught up with one of our customers, Anna at Propermac. Propermac provides new and refurbished PCs and monitors. Find out what Anna had to say about working with Reuseabox.

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

Anna: My name is Anna from Propermac. We sell PCs and monitors and also recyclables.


Q. How long have you been using Reuseabox cardboard boxes?

Anna: We’ve been using the company for almost 4 years now and we’re very happy about it.


Q. How did you find out about us?

Anna: Google search.


Q. Was there any particular problem you were looking to solve when you were searching?

Anna: We were looking for a low price, that was the first thing that attracted us. Then environment, and in the end the service, the customer service is just excellent. Andy is one of the best ones!


Q. Is Andy your first point of contact at Reuseabox?

Anna: Yes, I deal with Andy and usually it’s just one phone call and he knows what I need straight away. It’s very important that the seller takes care of you and Andy just knows what I’m looking for. He can reserve pallets for me which is amazing because if I do not have the space in the warehouse, you can keep a few pallets in your warehouse. So for me it’s the best solution when somebody has a small warehouse. It’s amazing, it’s very good service.


Q. What are the benefits of packing in used cardboard boxes compared to new ones?

Anna: The first one is the price. And second is the environment. Because we’re actually helping the environment in this way. Instead of buying new ones we use used ones.


Q. Are you excited about the environmental benefits of reusing cardboard boxes?

Every time we reuse boxes we save trees, carbon, water and energy. But we’re also planting trees too!

Anna: Of course! I’m very happy about it. This is a very important thing. We know that the trees are growing somewhere and we are participating in that in some way. We’re helping.


Q. Would you recommend Reuseabox to another business and if so why?

Anna: 100%. 5 star service. Everything is perfect. The timing, the additional storage of the boxes. I mentioned customer service, most important. There’s two (other) things, price and environment. I mention the price because it’s very important for the small businesses. Save any penny you can. If you can save, I don’t know, let’s say even £1 on 1 box and you use 100 boxes per week, that’s £100 weekly. And this combined with planting new trees, it’s the best way to do it. It’s amazing. That’s it, it’s just amazing.


Q. Anything you’d like to add?

Anna: Our kids need to know what it means to help the environment. And this is one of the best things to do. Even as a business. Don’t just buy new ones. My kids know that we use used boxes. They say ‘but Mum, they’re not new!’ and I say, ‘yes they’re used because we’re helping the environment’ and they say ‘that’s so kind’.


If you’d like to find out more about packing your products in used boxes, contact us or check out our full range of used cardboard boxes.


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