Company Core Values

29 June 2022By ellie Reuseabox

Company Core Values

Company core values are the main principles and beliefs that a business considers to be important when it comes down to their employees, their customers, and the business itself. These values are the fundamental philosophies that will guide you throughout your work, whether you are a business owner, manager, or employee.

At Reuseabox, we want our employees to feel valued, motivated and appreciated. This is why we put together our company core values.

At most companies, the first thing that happens when you join is you’re given a rule book. You’re told exactly what you can and can’t do. We don’t believe in that. Our values are not a list of dos and don’ts. They are not a rule book. They are a set of fundamental principles we believe in. A set of standards and expectations that explain what it means to be part of Reuseabox and the moral compass we try to base all our decisions on. Our employees at Reuseabox are expected to use the values as tools, not rules. The values were written for the good of our customers, our teammates at Reuseabox and the wider community around us.

We don't sell boxes, we save tree



You’re not an employee at this company, you’re a partner. This is your company too.

Know Your Why:

Know why you’re here, on a personal and professional level. And know why the organisation exists.

Be Human & You WILL be successful

We’re all born with greatness within us, and we want Reuseabox to become part of the success story that is your life. We won’t treat you like an ‘asset’ or a machine, we’ll treat each other as human beings and we’ll make each other successful.

Our Mantra When Dealing with Clients:

To enthusiastically satisfy the people we serve.

At Reuseabox We Say ‘Yes’ more:

There are a million reasons to say no, but we just need one reason to say ‘yes’. Try saying yes and it could change the world.

At Reuseabox We Care More:

It’s not about how much you know it’s about how much you care.

Personal Leadership:

We care more for others than they perceive to care about us.

We not Me:

Put other people before yourself.


Invite feedback when you know your performance is not what it should be.

Care for the natural environment:

It’s what we all have in common.


Read about our sustainability goals here!

We plant one tree for every order


The leadership team at Reuseabox also has leadership principles. We encourage all team members to embody these principles as we support them to grow and progress within the company.

High Standards = Leader:

At Reuseabox being a leader doesn’t mean you tell someone what to do. Being a leader means you have higher standards than anybody else.

Compassionate Emptiness:

When someone comes to you with a problem be caring but be empty of opinions. Don’t try and solve their problem straight away.


Always deal with problems in person and take the time to listen.

Give Feedback:

Then listen, consider and learn.

The person who sweeps the floor should choose the broom:

As a company we must outline our vision. We then bring in great people and their job is to work out how to achieve that vision.

Use silence in meetings:

Ask questions, use silence and watch how people fill it.

Know Your Outcome:

When working as a team start with your outcome!

Grow People’s Spirits:

Most people have jobs which are too small for their spirit. At Reuseabox our leadership strategy is to create an organisation that will nurture and inspire the human spirit to be all that it can. What human beings can do is amazing!

Make Independent Decisions:

When we allow ourselves and others to think creatively and make independent decisions based on common goals, we become more fulfilled, and we make more worthwhile decisions.

Lead with your heart:

Good service is hands and feet, but great service is heart.


Having some well thought out company core values can help give meaning and inspiration to workers. At Reuseabox, we like to think of our core values and leadership principles as tools for our employees to use to help guide them through their work. We hope that these will then inspire our team and give them a feeling of purpose.


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