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The Reuseabox Story

We’re here to help. It’s ingrained in our history

In 2009 the global recession hits. One family struggles to make ends meet. A teenage Jack starts helping his father buy and sell used cardboard boxes to help pay the bills. They find businesses love the concept of packing in used boxes.

There is no Planet B

Jack’s sister Ellie, a keen environmentalist, joins the business and has an idea.

“What if we could prove to businesses that they could reduce their environmental impact by simply reusing cardboard boxes?”

They put the concept to the test. Partnering with Lincoln University and independent environmental consultants, they spearhead an academic study to prove the environmental benefits of reusing cardboard boxes over recycling them. This leads to the creation of the first of its kind carbon footprint tool that tracks the environmental savings of cardboard reuse.

Andy joins the team. He wanted to be part of something bigger that has a positive impact on society. Together they create their website which makes it easy for companies to reuse cardboard boxes.

The team continues to grow. Reuseabox creates their people and planet agenda, an ambitious strategy to donate part of their profits to support environmental organisations, while making Reuseabox a profit share model.

Reuseabox to create a better world with less waste

Today we’re creating a future where cardboard is reused before it’s recycled. Where our trees are protected before we plant new ones. And businesses work together to tackle the global waste crisis, one box at a time.

By joining Reuseabox your company can be part of something that really will change the world.

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