27 April 2021

How Reuseabox Are Saving AND Planting Trees

Place an order, plant a tree!

At Reuseabox we plant a tree each time a customer places an order. Whether that customer buys a trailer load of used cardboard boxes, or half a pallet of pallet boxes, the outcome is the same. Place an order, plant a tree.

We started planting trees in October 2020 and with your help we have already planted over 1,500 trees.

We don't sell boxes, we save trees

Tree planting with Reuseabox

We plant trees through a partnership with One Tree Planted. Through this charity we donate to tree planting projects around the world. So far, our donations have supported tree planting projects in Indonesia and Africa. These projects focus on rebuilding habitats crucial for the survival of critically endangered species including orangutans, chimpanzees, tigers and over 1,700 species of birds. They also help to support local communities.

Why we plant trees

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global temperatures need to be kept from rising above 1.5 degrees centigrade. Yet we are currently on track for a rise of between 3 and 4 degrees centigrade by 2100. This will have catastrophic consequences. As temperatures rise, changes will be irreversible, and ecosystems will collapse. Our planet will be unrecognisable.

We need to drastically reduce our emissions and find a way to repair the damage that has already been caused. New technologies are being investigated but these are expensive and complex. Luckily, there is a much simpler solution that will effectively reduce our emissions and keep our world in balance: Tree planting.

According to the Woodland Trust, only 13% of the UK is covered in woods and forests. EU’s average tree cover is 37%.

The Earth’s eldest woodlands and rainforests can act as huge carbon sinks. Mature trees absorb significant quantities of carbon from the atmosphere each year. However, deforestation rates are higher than ever and we are not planting enough trees.  According to The Woodland Trust the EU’s average tree cover is 37%, yet the UK’s average is just 13%. We need to be creating new woodland, protecting existing trees and reforesting damaged woods by planting native trees. This will not only help to reduce emissions, it will help rebuild habitats and promote biodiversity.

Our tree planting goals

We’ve set ourselves the ambitious 2 Million Tree Challenge. With our cardboard box reuse model we intend to save a million trees. Simultaneously we plan to plant a million trees through extending our tree planting efforts. Follow us on social media to keep track of our new tree planting projects across the UK.

The Reuseabox 2 Million Tree Challenge

How Reuseabox saves trees

When cardboard boxes are diverted away from the recycling stream and into reuse, they are elevated up the waste hierarchy. What was one company’s ‘waste’ turns into another company’s packaging. Even though used boxes were once considered ‘waste’, this does not define the quality or usability of them. Most cardboard boxes are strong and durable, capable of being reused multiple times before they are ready to be recycled.

All our used cardboard boxes are clean, dry and perfectly reusable. Our warehouse team check each and every box before it is allowed to leave our warehouse.

When we delay the recycling process and keep cardboard in use for longer, we reduce the demand for new cardboard which ultimately saves trees. Thanks to our unique Carbon Footprint Tool we can work out exactly how many trees you have saved by choosing to Reuseabox. On average, for every tonne (6.5 pallets) of cardboard that is reused, around 5 trees are saved. Choosing to reuse also saves vast amounts of water, energy and carbon. Switching to once used cardboard boxes really is the easiest way to help save our planet.

Find out more about the Environmental Benefits of Cardboard Reuse.

Get involved with tree planting & tree saving

For businesses who use cardboard boxes

If you use cardboard boxes in your packing processes, the simplest way to get involved is by Choosing To Reuseabox. Every time you place an order for Used Cardboard Boxes you help to both save trees and plant new ones.

When you need a simple packing box to get your products from A to B a used box does exactly the same job as a brand new one. But a Used Box costs less and is better for the planet.

When you switch to used boxes you can order on a just in time basis. We don’t have to make a used cardboard box, so we don’t have lead times. You can order today for next day delivery.

Eco-friendly packaging from Reuseabox

For producers of cardboard boxes

If your business generates large volumes of used cardboard boxes, you can sell your cardboard boxes to Reuseabox. Diverting used cardboard to reuse is the most sustainable way of disposing of your ‘waste’ cardboard. By keeping cardboard in use for longer we can delay the environmentally damaging recycling process and reduce the global demand for new board.

Reuseabox can reuse all standard sizes of cardboard boxes and pallet size cardboard sheets or layer pads. We can also take brand new packaging supplies that are surplus to requirements.

We plant a tree for every order placed for used cardboard boxes. On average we plant around 4 trees for every tonne of cardboard that is reused.

Find out how you can Sell Cardboard Boxes for reuse.


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