Used Printed Single Wall Boxes 580X370X390mm

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    Get once used printed single wall boxes

    High Quality

    • These single wall cardboard boxes are made from an extra heavy duty C flute material, making them ideal for shipping a range of products.
    • Despite being used, they are in a good 'as new' condition.
    • As 'modular' boxes, they are designed to fit securely on a pallet to optimise space. Fit 4 per layer on a euro pallet or 6 per layer on a standard pallet.

    Low Cost

    • Save up to 40% on your packaging costs when you choose to reuse.


    • Our used boxes are the most environmentally sustainable way to pack your products.
    • Save carbon, water, energy and trees when you choose to reuse. Find out more about Cardboard Reuse.

    Key Features

    • Condition: Used
    • Strength: Single Wall
    • Print Type: Printed

    Unit Price

    Half Pallet - 250 boxes - 84p/box

    Full Pallet - 500 boxes - 74p/box

    Frequently asked questions

    Q. Why should I buy used cardboard boxes?

    A. When you choose to reuse cardboard boxes you don't just save time and money, you also help the planet. Reusing cardboard boxes saves carbon, water, energy and trees.

    Other customers use these single wall boxes for

    • Ecommerce products
    • Textiles
    • Homeware