cardboard boxes for packing


Explore our diverse selection of eco-friendly and cost-effective cardboard boxes for packing, sourced and rescued from the waste stream.

Our commitment to sustainability allows us to offer various sizes and strengths, helping you reduce costs while contributing to a greener planet.

Our boxes are ideal for securely packing a wide range of products and can cater your specific packaging needs. Whether you’re in search of new or used cardboard boxes, our extensive collection ensures you find the perfect fit. If you can’t locate the ideal box, contact our team and we’ll help source what you’re looking for.

Affordable and low-cost cardboard boxes for packing

Looking to minimise what you spend on packing boxes? Explore our budget-friendly once-used range.

Yes, some of our boxes may have labels, packing tape remnants or even print from their previous use. But rest assured, each box undergoes meticulous quality checks and is perfect for distributing and storing goods (and even shows the end user you care about the planet!)

Many of our used boxes are of a double wall board grade, ensuring strength and durability. That means when you opt for reuse, you’re obtaining cost-effective boxes without compromising on quality.

Our used cardboard boxes are also available for long-term regular supply, making them ideal for businesses seeking consistent and reliable packaging solutions. Consult with our team to discuss securing a steady supply of our cardboard boxes.

Selecting the perfect cardboard packing box

Choosing the right size and strength is crucial when purchasing packing boxes. We recommend selecting a box that closely matches the size of your product, minimising movement and reducing the risk of damage. For those with high packing volume requirements, take advantage of our bulk order discounts, cutting costs while ensuring a continuous, long-term supply of top-notch packaging.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Join the Reuseabox community and actively choose the most eco-friendly method to package your items. As dedicated members of 1% for the Planet, a minimum of 1% of your order value goes towards funding environmental charities. On top of this, our B Corp Certification reflects our commitment to caring for employees, communities, and the planet.

By providing previously used cardboard boxes, we can potentially cut your costs by up to 50% compared to purchasing newly manufactured boxes. Our extensive range, including used and new single wall, double wall, and triple wall boxes, along with pallet boxes, has made us the preferred supplier for many businesses aiming to lower expenses whilst minimising their environmental impact.

Choose to reuse today and make a difference to people and planet as well as your supply chain.

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