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Cardboard Packing Boxes

Our range of cardboard packing boxes includes both new and Used Cardboard Boxes. These boxes have been specially selected to provide a range of sizes and strengths, suitable for packing just about any product. If you can’t find what you are looking for, check out our full range on our All Cardboard Boxes page, or contact a member of the team for further advice.

Low Cost Cardboard Boxes

If you are looking to save money on packing boxes, take a look at our once used range. These boxes have been used before and may contain a few labels or some packing tape. They may even have been printed for their previous use. Every box is clean, dry and in a reusable condition. Many of our used boxes are made from a heavy duty board grade. Most are double wall in strength.

Choosing To Reuse is a great way to get low cost boxes without compromising on quality. All our used cardboard boxes are available on long term regular supply. This is ideal for companies who need to reorder the same packing box on a regular basis. Talk to a member of the team about how to order in advance to ensure you’re never left waiting for cardboard boxes.

Choosing the right cardboard packing box for you

When you’re looking to buy packing boxes for your products, ensure you choose the correct size and strength for the product you are packing. We recommend selecting a box that fits the size of your product as closely as possible. This will prevent the product moving around too much and reduce the chance of items getting damaged. We offer bulk offer discounts to companies who use larger volumes of packing boxes. This is a great way to reduce costs and ensure you have a long term supply of packaging.

The Packing Box Range

We have a range of larger boxes suitable for boxing up bulkier products such as textiles. They also make great removals boxes. If you need moving boxes, check out our Removals Boxes page for our recommended best buys. We can also supply Packing Tape to help you effectively seal your boxes and protect your products.

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