Printed Used Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

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Looking for strong, low cost cardboard boxes? Used double wall cardboard boxes are an excellent choice. With a double wall 125TTEB board grade these packing boxes are extremely durable, perfect for protecting your more fragile or heavier products during shipping or storage. We recommend these boxes for ecommerce companies who ship their products via carriers and need that extra bit of extra protection. Although these cardboard boxes have been previously used they are in great condition. Choosing To Reuse is a great way to cut out the lead times associated with manufacturers and get boxes delivered to suit you.  

Key Features

  • Condition: Used
  • Strength: N/A
  • Print Type: Printed
Q. Why should I pack my products in used cardboard boxes? A. Choosing to reuse cardboard boxes is a great way to get low cost cardboard boxes for your business. It's also better for the environment. When you reuse a box just once you help to reduce the demand for new cardboard which protects our natural resources. Find out more about how we are helping the environment with our 2 Million Tree Challenge!
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