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Measuring your environmental impact is more important than ever. But this is often easier said than done. At Reuseabox we’ve developed an innovative way for you to track and measure the carbon footprint of the cardboard boxes you use or produce. Keep reading to find out more.


Why Reuse Is Better Than Recycling

It’s pretty obvious that reusing something will always be better than recycling it. You only have to look at the waste hierarchy to see that reducing our waste and keeping products in circulation for longer is a lot better than expending more resources to re-process those products. This is also the concept of the Circular Economy. But with Reuseabox you can go one step further. We have developed a first of its kind Carbon Footprint Tool that measures the environmental benefits of cardboard box reuse. You can find out exactly how many trees you’ve saved, how much carbon, water and energy you’ve saved, all by choosing to reuse cardboard boxes.


Environmental Report

How It Works

The Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool is designed to be used by companies who either produce or use cardboard boxes. So what does that mean?


For Companies Who Produce Used Cardboard Boxes

Millions of used cardboard boxes are generated across the UK every single day. Most of these get used only once before being baled and sent off for recycling. But there is a better way. At Reuseabox we work with large companies to divert their used cardboard boxes away from recycling and into reuse. Diverting your waste cardboard to reuse is an easy way to reduce your Scope 3 Emissions on your journey towards net zero. You will also receive a fixed rebate for every box reused. In your quarterly report we’ll provide the exact number of boxes you’ve sent to reuse as well as the corresponding tonnage. We’ll then provide your reuse stats.

To give you an idea, check out the stats for every tonne of cardboard boxes that is reused instead of recycled:


Reuse stats

For Companies Who Use Cardboard Boxes

If you currently pack your products in cardboard boxes, simply switch to packing in once Used Cardboard Boxes. Don’t worry, used boxes are still high quality and just as effective at protecting your products as new ones. But they’re usually cheaper, and better for the planet. At Reuseabox we have a Huge Range of used boxes to choose from. Our knowledgeable customer services team can help you select the right size and type of box for your product.

Once you’ve made the switch to a used cardboard box, you can start measuring your impact. Reuseabox can provide quarterly reports detailing your environmental savings. Did you know we also plant trees? We’ll send you a tree certificate every time you place an order in recognition of your contribution.


Get Detailed Quarterly Reports

The Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool is used to measure your impact. Your achievements will be sent to you quarterly in an environmental report. Each report will contain your achievements for that quarter as well as a running total to date. You’ll receive information such as:

  • Number of cardboard boxes you’ve reused.
  • Tonnes of carbon you’ve saved.
  • Litres of water you’ve saved.
  • KWH of energy you’ve saved.


Environmental Reports


We also present your savings through equivalencies to help your shareholders really get to grips with the results. Find out how many Olympic size swimming pools of water you’ve saved or how many flights to New York you’ve offset.


Receive Your Personal Tree Certificates

Every company we work with will also receive regular tree certificates. We donate a proportion of our profits to tree planting organisations. Each time you either, place an order for used cardboard boxes, or divert your used boxes to reuse, we’ll plant trees on your behalf. Over the last 18 months we’ve planted over 4,400 trees. Find out more about how we’re Planting Trees.


Showcase Your Achievements To Your Stakeholders

The environmental report is designed to be used as an interactive piece of content. We provide graphics displaying your total stats to date and your equivalencies. These can be shared across social media or with employees to turn them into raving fans of cardboard reuse.


reuse equivalencies

Why You Need To Act Now To Measure Your Carbon Footprint

So why should businesses be working to both measure and reduce their carbon footprint? The IPCC’s Latest Report states that we are in a ‘climate emergency’. We must urgently reduce our emissions if we are to prevent the Earth warming over 1.5 degrees centigrade which would have catastrophic consequences for all life on Earth. Emissions must be halved by 2030 and we must reach net zero by 2050. Businesses should examine their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and find ways across their entire business and wider supply chain to drastically cut emissions.

Encouragingly, there is evidence to suggest that change is happening. 84% of businesses now have sustainability goals. Many of these focus on waste reduction and recycling.

Climate Change IPCC

Credit: IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 Degrees C.



In the race towards net zero it is vital that all businesses begin to measure and reduce their carbon footprint. In recent years the focus has been on scope 1 and 2 emissions such as electric vehicles and switching to clean energy. But Scope 3 emissions (found in a company’s supply chain) can represent 80-97% of the total emissions created by a company. All companies must begin to examine their supply chains. An easy place to start is with the packaging you use or produce. The Reuseabox Carbon Footprint Tool can help you measure, track and reduce your emissions through cardboard reuse. If you’re a producer of used cardboard boxes, find out how you can Sell Your Boxes to Reuseabox. Alternatively, if you’d like to start packing your products in used boxes, Contact Us or browse our Full Range.


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