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How To Plant Trees with Reuseabox

If you’re a business looking to plant trees, but you don’t know how, you’ve come to the right place! At Reuseabox we plant trees every time we get an order for our new or used Cardboard Boxes.

As a business we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the planet in return for the resources we use. Our Reuse Model helps to keep cardboard in use for longer and reduce the demand for new board. But it’s important to remember that all packaging has an environmental impact, no matter how many times it gets reused. That’s why we decided to plant trees for every order placed for our Cardboard Boxes. This way, we’ll be planting far more trees than are used to make the boxes we supply.


Why is it important to Plant Trees?

Forests cover around one third of all land on Earth. They are vital for people’s livelihoods and play a crucial role in tackling the biodiversity and climate crises. But they are being destroyed at an astonishing rate. According to One Tree Planted, every 1.2 seconds, an area of forest the size of a football field is destroyed. It’s vital that we protect existing forests but also embark on mass reforestation to replace all the trees we have lost.

“Forests are home to over 80% of terrestrial biodiversity. Deforestation of some tropical forests could lead to the loss of as many as 100 species a day. Our ability to stop biodiversity loss is heavily dependant on our ability to stop forest loss.” – WWF

Trees Support a Range of Biodiversity

How Does Reuseabox Plant Trees?

We’ve partnered with Ecologi to plant trees. Each month a proportion of our profits are donated to Ecologi for tree planting projects across the globe. Over the last 2 years we’ve planted trees both in the UK and across the world, specifically focusing on areas that need them the most.

What is Ecologi?

Ecologi was founded in 2019 by a group of environmentalists who wanted to make it easy for individuals to contribute towards climate change. They wanted to find a way to create collective climate change action that could be funded from pocket change. Today Ecologi have planted over 60 million trees worldwide and helped fund projects that have resulted in over 2.5 million tonnes of carbon avoidance.

In 2021 Ecologi gained B Corp accreditation, showing their commitment to people and planet. As a B Corp, Ecologi have proven that they are a force for good, committed to achieving the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.


Eden Reforestation Project

Over the last year we’ve been donating to a specific project through Ecologi called Eden Reforestation Project. Eden plants trees all over the world but specifically in countries that will be hardest hit by the climate and biodiversity crises. The projects bring huge benefits to the local communities, providing a stable source of income for many. Rivers that would usually disappear in the dry season now stay full and wildlife is beginning to thrive.

Our Million Tree Pledge

After learning more about the positive work of Eden and other charities we decided we wanted to commit to something bigger. So we signed up to The Million Tree Pledge. By signing up we’ve committed to 2 things. The first to plant 1 million trees over the next 10 years. The second to find 2 other businesses to join the pledge so the movement grows.


Sustainable Development Goals Our Tree Planting Supports

As an environmental company, our mission and values are closely aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our tree planting efforts support the following SDGs:

13 Climate Action

Over the next decade we hope to plant over a million trees. Planting trees is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways of tackling climate change and preventing biodiversity loss.

15 Life On Land

Planting trees helps rebuild the habitats of endangered species and promotes biodiversity by building homes for thousands of species.

1 No Poverty

One of the best things about tree planting is the wider benefits it brings to local communities. Our work through Eden Reforestation Project focuses on empowering local communities to help plant and look after the trees.


Our Tree Planting In Action

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to get outside and actually help plant some of the trees we’ve been funding. This was an amazing experience and something we’d all been wanting to do for a long time. We helped Protect Earth plant 700 trees at one of their sites in North Yorkshire. Protect Earth are one of Ecologi’s UK tree planting partners. This made it all the more special, as it felt like we were helping to plant some of the trees we’ve been funding over the last couple of years.


Tree planting at Reuseabox

How You Can Get Involved

It’s super easy to support Reuseabox and help save or plant trees with us. You can get involved in the following ways:

1. Buy From Us

If you’re a business that uses cardboard boxes to pack up your products, choose to Reuseabox! Each time you Buy Our Used Cardboard Boxes, a proportion of the profits will be donated to tree planting projects.

2. Sell Your Cardboard To Us

We Buy Used Cardboard Boxes in volume. If your business produces large volumes of boxes, consider diverting them to reuse. Each time your boxes are reused, we’ll donate to our tree planting partners. We also provide environmental reports detailing the savings you have achieved by choosing to reuse.

3. Donate to the Reuseabox forest

Help us reach our target of planting 1 million trees! Every little helps! Plant Trees For Reuseabox Here.


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