Looking for a Reliable Cardboard Box Supplier?

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Looking for a Reliable Cardboard Box Supplier?

Choosing a cardboard box supplier can be a mind boggling process. You need a company you can work with, a cardboard box that perfectly represents and protects your product and a price that fits your budget.

At Reuseabox we take a no-nonsense approach to selling cardboard boxes. We believe in selling great quality products at great prices without harming the environment.

So what makes us different from all the other cardboard box suppliers out there? We believe we’re the first cardboard box supplier to actively promote reuse on an industrial scale. We only supply used and new surplus cardboard boxes; these are boxes rescued from factory over-runs or misprints. This means our boxes are sustainably sourced. Our reuse scheme reduces the pollution caused by the manufacturing and recycling industries by an incredible 90%. What’s even more exciting is that through buying used or surplus cardboard boxes, we can sell our boxes at much lower prices than many other cardboard box suppliers. Often up to 60% less!

Another highly important factor to us is service. We don’t see the point in offering great products if you have to wait a few weeks before you can get your hands on them. That’s why we stock hold all our products and if ordered by 11am, they can be shipped anywhere in the UK the next working day*. We even offer AM, timed or Saturday delivery slots.

The concept of reuse has been around a long time, but it has only recently started to take off in the cardboard box industry. Most businesses still believe that if they are recycling their old cardboard boxes they are doing everything they can to be eco-friendly. Unfortunately this is not the case. Most cardboard boxes are sent for recycling prematurely when they can actually be reused a number of times before they are ready to be recycled. The recycling process itself requires harmful chemicals, produces pollution and requires new board, which means even more trees have to be cut down. So start thinking more Direct. Start reusing where you can. Join our reuse revolution and pack in eco-friendly used and new surplus cardboard boxes.

If you’re ready to find a cardboard box supplier that makes sense, why not contact us today for some friendly advice.

*Next day delivery excludes some areas of northern Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


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