How to Reap the Benefits When Using Cardboard Pallet Boxes

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

How to Reap the Benefits When Using Cardboard Pallet Boxes

Cardboard pallet boxes are an essential packing and export tool for a range of companies. From multinational corporations, right down to small business owners. Their size and strength makes them ideal for transporting large, heavy products such as e-waste, automotive parts, or even bespoke furniture.

Cardboard pallet boxes are produced in two designs. Which one you choose depends on the product you are packing;

0201 Design With Lid

This design is ideal for packing very bulky, high weight products. This includes machine / engine parts, fresh farm produce or e-waste. The four flaps on the bottom connect to the base and sides of the pallet box. This adds strength and stability to the shape of the box and making the sides unlikely to buckle under heavy weight. The lid acts as a strong base if the pallet boxes are to be double stacked.

Cap and Sleeve Design

This consists of a base, lid and inner sleeve which is inserted into the base when the products have been packed. Designed to optimise the use of space, it is ideal for packing smaller items such as small boxes or bottles. Products can be easily packed on the base before adding the outer sleeve and securing with a lid. Once constructed the pallet box can be secured with pallet strapping to prevent any parts moving during transit.

Brand new cardboard pallet boxes can be expensive and require intense manufacturing to produce such a strong and versatile, well designed product. So how can pallet boxes be purchased and used in a more viable and inexpensive manner?

At Reuseabox, we actively promote reuse on an industrial scale. We only supply once used or new surplus pallet boxes that have been rescued from factory over-runs or mis-prints. As well as this, we hold in stock a huge range of pallet boxes from Standard to Euro, to more bespoke sizes. We can even provide double wall, triple wall or even a five wall strength pallet box. Perfect for companies who need a particularly heavy duty pallet box.

We don’t manufacture any of our cardboard pallet boxes. This means not only are our boxes eco-friendly, they’re also incredibly low cost! By choosing to pack in used or new surplus cardboard pallet boxes, our customers often report cost savings of up to 50%. This is when you compared to buying from a standard manufacturer.

For further advice on how you can use cardboard pallet boxes for your stock why not check out our website.


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