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How To Sell Octabins For Reuse

How to sell octabins for reuse

If your company produces large volumes of cardboard octabins, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to dispose of them. Designed for shipping products on a standard pallet, these boxes measure 1000 x 1000mm in length and width. Made from extra strong double wall or triple wall cardboard, they frequently break baling machines, causing costly repairs. But there is an alternative. At Reuseabox we want your old octabins!

Read on to learn how selling your octabins for reuse is a more efficient, profitable and sustainable waste management solution.


Why Sell Octabins For Reuse?

When a box is as tough and strong as an octabin, it doesn’t make sense to use it only once. You can reuse octabins 3, 4 or even 5 times before they are ready for the baler. Their octagonal shape creates a reinforced structure that is unlikely to buckle under extreme pressures. Reuseabox buy your octabins and divert them away from recycling for a second use. We can also buy Cardboard Pallet Boxes and smaller boxes that you produce in volume.


What To Use Octabins For

Octabins are used to transport products in bulk on a pallet. They are often used for plastic mouldings, powders, liquid bags and other loose items. They can be reused for the same use or as extra strong shipping boxes for bulky, irregular products.

With an average weight of 20kg per box, we recommend asking 2 operatives to assemble or de-assemble these boxes. Check out this video for quick tips:


How Selling Octabins For Reuse Works

Learn How We Helped This Plastic Resin Manufacturer Sell Their Octabins For Reuse

The Problem

The Plastic Resin Manufacturer was producing large volumes of used octabins. The company had been baling the boxes and sending them to a recycling company. Unfortunately, the octabins were so well made, they were proving extremely difficult to bale. The boxes were jamming the machine resulting in costly repairs and a build up of waste cardboard.

The Solution

Reuseabox assessed the used octabins and advised diverting them to reuse. By selling the octabins for reuse, the company was able to eliminate the baling process completely. The octabins were dismantled, stacked flat pack on a wooden pallet and secured with pallet strapping. Reuseabox then collected the octabins for free.

Despite being used, the boxes were in a like new condition. They had originally been used to transport plastic granules on a pallet. The boxes had a small probe hole at the bottom of the box but otherwise they were in pristine condition. The company received a fixed rebate for every box that was sent for reuse. They also received a free Environmental Report detailing their achievements after choosing to reuse.


Benefits of Diverting Your Used Octabins To Reuse

Fixed Financial Returns

When you sell octabins for reuse, Reuseabox offer a fixed rebate for every box that is reused. Unlike the Recycling Rate, which is subject to change, our rebate does not fluctuate and can be fixed for up to 3 years.

Find out what Chris Smith, Project Manager at PPG thought about our fixed reuse rebates:

Streamline Your Waste Handling Processes

We work with companies to streamline their waste processes. By sorting the boxes at the point of unpack and reducing cardboard baling, the waste process is significantly more efficient.


Benefits of selling cardboard for reuse

Get Free Environmental Reporting

We provide FREE Environmental Reports to show your environmental achievements of choosing to sell octabins for reuse instead of recycling. The report includes information such as trees saved, carbon saved and some helpful equivalencies to make the data more relatable. Even better, we plant a tree for every box reused. Find out more about our 2 Million Tree Challenge.

Reusing just 1 tonne of cardboard keeps cardboard in use for longer and reduces our impact on the planet. Check out the stats!

On average, for every 1 tonne of cardboard diverted to reuse…

Cardboard Reuse Environmental Stats

How To Sell Octabins For Reuse Conclusion

When you sell octabins for reuse you are choosing the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way of disposing of your used boxes. Partner with Reuseabox to receive a fixed rebate for every octabin reused. Segregating reusable boxes at source and negating the need to bale these boxes will enable you to streamline your waste processes.


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