How Do I Find The Best Cardboard Pallet Box For My Products?

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

How Do I Find The Best Cardboard Pallet Box For My Products?

Cardboard pallet boxes can be purchased in a range of designs and strengths. What is suitable for one product may be inappropriate for another. So how do you choose the best cardboard pallet box for your products? If you’re using pallet boxes regularly it’s a good idea to get some specialist advice. Our friendly advisors can help you select the best pallet box for your requirements, alternatively take a look through our packing checklist:

Points to consider:

–          What product are you packing?

For packing a very large, high capacity product you should select a heavy duty double wall or triple wall board grade. A 0201 design will add rigidity and strength to the frame, whereas a cap and sleeve design could buckle under the weight of the product. A pallet box with a loading flap will allow for easy packing and unpacking of the product.

If you’re packing lots of small items, a cap and sleeve design allows you to easily pack the products onto the base and ‘build the box’ around the products. You can then pop a lid on top.

–          Will you be double stacking the pallet boxes?

If you are double stacking the pallet boxes you will need to select a heavy duty grade suitable for withstanding considerable force. A triple wall or strong double wall board grade would be recommended. You should also select a heavy duty lid for some extra stability. Also consider how your products are packed; pallet boxes that are well packed will be more suitable for double stacking. If the boxes have empty space inside they are more likely to buckle under the weight of the box stacked on top.

–          Can you take a used cardboard pallet box?

Used pallet boxes are both low cost and eco-friendly. Whilst the boxes may contain print or the odd label, they will all be clean, dry and perfectly reusable. All of our used pallet boxes are heavy duty and high quality and unbelievably low cost! Some of our customers report cost savings of up to 50% from their original packing costs.

–          Will you be reusing the pallet box?

If you are a company who reuses their pallet boxes, such as an E-waste or recycling company, you will need to select a heavy duty box, of a strong double wall or potentially triple wall board grade. This will enable you to get the maximum use out of the box before it needs replacing. Reusable pallet boxes also make great picking bins in warehouses or distribution centres.

–          Do you need the whole box?

Did you know that some of our customers purchase our heavy duty once used lids which they use to stack bottles, cans or tins on a pallet. This saves considerable packing time whilst providing an eco-friendly and low cost packing solution.

If you’re looking to order new or once used cardboard pallet boxes, check out our website or give the team a call for specialist advice.


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