Introducing Our New Range of Once Used Shipping Boxes

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

Introducing Our New Range of Once Used Shipping Boxes

With the UK set to leave the EU on the 31st of October, many businesses have begun stockpiling goods in preparation for a hard deal. You may begin to worry if your usual packaging supplier will be able to keep up with demand in these uncertain times. So is there another way to ensure a constant supply of your regular cardboard boxes is readily available?

Consider packing your products in once-used cardboard boxes. We have recently acquired a contract with a UK based manufacturer to enable us to re-sell their redundant cardboard boxes. These cartons have been used to transport ingredients or materials onto site but are clean, dry and perfectly reusable. They are available on large regular supply so you don’t need to worry about long lead times. Simply let us know when you are ready to re-order and we can deliver within 24 hours. We even offer free delivery on all bulk orders. Even better, these boxes are incredibly low cost; you could save up to 50% when compared to the price of brand new boxes.

This range of once used cardboard boxes includes double wall or heavy duty single wall boxes. Strong and durable they are ideal for shipping a range of products including but not limited to; textiles, glassware, electrical products, health or sports supplements, bottles or 25kg bags. Ideal for removal companies, these can be purchased in bulk and can be reused a number of times, making them a great cost-effective and eco-friendly packing solution.

As consumers are now more environmentally aware than ever, businesses must establish cost-effective methods in which packaging can be both effective and eco-friendly. Plastic packaging or packaging that contains a mixture of materials is often difficult if not impossible to recycle.  Once used cardboard boxes are not only low cost, they are also great for the environment. By reusing existing cardboard boxes, our customers are cutting out a long chain of harmful processes caused by the manufacturing and recycling processes.

We supply a large range of new and used cardboard boxes. From used pallet boxes and octabins, to large and medium sized shipping boxes, we’re sure to have something to suit your needs. We even supply once used layer pads to separate and protect products that are stacked on pallets. If you need to purchase wooden pallets we can supply these too! For further advice contact a member of the team or check out our website.


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