What Type of Box Do I Need? How to Find the Right Cardboard Box For Your Products

18 October 2020By ellie Reuseabox

What Type of Box Do I Need? How to Find the Right Cardboard Box For Your Products

When choosing a cardboard box to package your products, protection is probably the most important point to consider. There’s nothing a customer hates more than receiving damaged stock and returned products will not only damage your reputation, but cost you money too.

To select a box that adequately protects your product you must choose the correct size, if the box is too big try using some eco-friendly void fill to prevent the product moving around. Choose the correct strength and board grade for the weight of the product. If your product is being shipped on a wooden pallet it won’t need to be as strong as the pallet will help to protect it. If it is being shipped via a carrier it is likely to get thrown around so it will need to be more durable.

Once you have an idea of what you are packing and how you are sending it out you can select the most appropriate type of box. The most popular types include;

Single Wall

Single wall cardboard boxes are usually chosen when packing lightweight products that do not require much protection. However, as cardboard box design has become more sophisticated there are now many heavy duty single wall cardboard boxes that are capable of protecting heavier items. Choosing a heavy single wall cardboard box over a double wall is likely to save you money.

Double wall

Double wall cardboard boxes are ideal for packing heavier or more fragile products. They also make great removal boxes due to their strength and durability. Choose a removal box with hand holes for easy carrying. As with single wall boxes, double wall cardboard boxes come in a range of board grades which dramatically effects their strength. Talk to your supplier to decide which type is most suitable for your requirements.

Pallet Boxes

These boxes are perfect for exporting goods on a pallet as they fit perfectly onto a wooden pallet. Cardboard pallet boxes can be bought in either euro or standard size to fit the corresponding pallet. We supply double wall, triple wall and even five wall pallet boxes for very high capacity products. Some pallet boxes can carry up to 1000kg in weight and if packed correctly can be double stacked, saving you valuable space.


As the name suggests octabins are 8 sided, octagonal shaped cardboard boxes, designed to fit on a standard wooden pallet. These boxes are capable of holding a large capacity and their design makes them unlikely to buckle under extreme pressures. Octabins are most suitable for transporting large quantities of small products that can mould into the shape of the box or liquid bags.

Bottle Boxes

Bottle boxes are designed to hold a specific number of bottles. Bottle boxes tend to be heavy duty and double wall in strength to provide extra protection. Dividers are often used to separate the bottles and offer further protection.

Cardboard Layer Pads

Ideal for separating products on a pallet, cardboard layer pads offer strength and stability to products stacked on a wooden pallet. They can be used as an alternative to cardboard boxes, saving you time and money. Cardboard layer pads can be bought in single wall or double wall strength. Choose double wall for heavier items. Single wall can be wrapped around products for cheap and eco-friendly void fill.

At Reuseabox we supply a range of new and once used cardboard boxes. We offer a fresh outlook on packaging, offering low cost, eco-friendly alternatives. Why not give us a call today or check out our website for our latest offers.


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